Are You Ready To Be The “Uber For X?”

With the rise of high speed internet and mobile, users have come to expect immediate delivery of whichever product they’re searching for. Be it the lunch for one afternoon, your last week’s dirty laundry, or your urge to get high, most of the services that facilitate our daily lives can be requested on-demand to your location, or can be borrowed from your peers. This emergence of on-demand services and sharing economy, are truly, one of the most spectacular events in the past decade.


While everyone wants to be the “Uber for X” these days, most entrepreneurs fall short of the technology solutions, say, websites & mobile apps, required to develop their amazing idea into a kickass product quick enough for today’s rapidly shifting market. Learning how to code and design can come at a dear price, especially for lean startups, which interferes with allocation of resources to business development.


So, if technology is crucial to your startup, and you’re looking for someone to develop on-demand mobile service solutions, definitely check out Juggernaut.






Juggernaut is a tech enabler for on-demand and sharing economy startups. That means that they take your awesome idea for a sharing economy or on-demand service and turn it into a fully functioning app or website.


For on-demand mobile companies (like, for example, Uber), Juggernaut provides seamless offline – online integration that is tailored specifically to their company, which is especially important when you consider the hyper-locality of this type of business. Their team also has extensive experience in scheduling, reservations, dispatching, tracking, reviews, and billing modules as well as backend dashboards. Basically, they know all of the stuff that you need to know but haven’t learned yet. For more information, please read here.






Their other area of expertise is marketplaces, similar to Airbnb. Juggernaut understands that scaling marketplace requires scalable architecture – you need to be able to grow quickly and without too many bugs if you’re going to make a marketplace really work. In order to help you with that, Juggernaut will create a mobile app solution that includes everything your marketplace needs, from scheduling to billing to payment systems.


And last but not least, Juggernaut can help potential startup founders create their own curation app, examples of which include Yelp and TripAdvisor. Curation apps help users narrow down their options and find exactly what they’re looking for. If you have an idea for an app that fits a niche that isn’t being filled – or you think you can do it better than the ones out there now – Juggernaut will create a customized solution for you.






Finally, the solutions Juggernaut provides aren’t the only thing that’s scalable – so is the price. Coming from a startup background themselves as a part of Click Labs, the Juggernaut team knows that the only asset more scarce than time for a startup founder is money. With that in mind, pricing scales as the business scales, meaning Juggernaut solutions are never out of financial reach.


So far, Juggernaut is the only technology platform that caters to both enterprises and entrepreneurs, and has been successful in creating solutions for on-demand food, delivery, cannabis, car-wash & beauty solutions. Miniluxe, the company for which they made the latest on-demand beauty solution, secured a funding of $23 million to go pan-America.


So if you’re ready to be the “Uber for X” and you know exactly what that X should be, turn to Juggernaut for the fastest affordable way to create and scale your business.


Photo Credits | Thomas Leth-Olsen