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Dreaming About Retirement? Turn To Jemstep To Make Sure You’ve Got Enough When The Time Comes



Remember back in the day when everyone was always talking about how the internet was going to be this big, democratizing force? How this one tool was going to bring down kingdoms, draw people closer together, make everything available for everyone?


Well, some of those ideals have definitely come to pass, although maybe not exactly in the way that those early dreamers were imagining. (Think Anonymous, Wiki Leaks… Napster?) While it could hardly be argued that we’re all equal now in the digital age, there are definitely sites that are making resources that were previously inaccessible to the common man.


One such site is Jemstep, an online investment advisor site that hooks you up with the kind of quality, personalized financial advice that was only available for those ballers with the big bucks in the past. They want to make sure that you, Average Jo(hanna), have all the cash you need to live comfortably when that blessed day of retirement finally arrives.





Cutting-edge system

Jemstep is the only site of its kind, providing users with access to portfolios built on the backs of Nobel-prize winning economic research and the over 100 years of combined experience of some serious high rolling investment managers (we’re talking multi-billion dollar institutional investment types here, people).




Their technology also has been proven to provide a lower-risk investment. The market jumps up and down, left, right, and sidewise. Rather than getting thrown off like a drunk on a mechanical bull, go with Jemstep to make sure you keep a grip and get the best return possible.


Try finding that at your local financial advisor’s office.





Takes the time investment out of investing

Investing is one of those things that you probably know you should do but keep putting off doing until you forget about it because it’s like, where do you start? One of the greatest things about Jemstep is that you don’t really have to do much of anything.


Once you add your email and password, all you have to do is fill out a few simple demographic questions and a few more about your financial situation/goals and you’re off and running! Even better, Jemstep keeps all of your investments in one place, allowing you to make informed decisions about your next move.





100% on your side

When you’re investing your money, you don’t want to have to worry that the person helping you out is getting a commission for it under the table. Jemstep is really clear about the fact that they’re not a broker and that they don’t accept money for any of their recommendations. All they care about is making sure you, the client, is getting the best investment you can.


Bank level security

If dealing with money stuff on a site you don’t know so well makes you squirm, rest assured: Jemstep uses the same security systems that are used by international banks. They also encrypt pretty much everything, run daily security audits through McAfee, and they house their computers in a secure facility.


If someone can get through all of that, maybe you should just give them your money. Sounds like they earned it.


Jemstep is still in beta and still free up until March 1, 2013. Why don’t you head on over and get started now, while the getting is good?


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Author : Emma McGowan

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