Careful, You’re Being Watched! Be Big Brother With Ivideon


Have you ever wished you could watch what your significant other is doing when you’re not home? Or, maybe see if your kids are actually doing their homework? Better yet, what about the infamous “nanny cam” to make sure Mary Poppins is minding her manners? It may seem a little sinister, but we’ve all thought about it. And now it’s a reality with Ivideon.


Video Surveillance over the Internet

Ivideon is a boss’ dream and a worried mom’s relief.  You see, this video surveillance software lets you build a system of cameras so you can watch what’s going on in the office, at home, or wherever you choose to stake out. And, it’s easy to set up. Here’s how it works:





Install Software

Once you’ve created an account, you’re ready to download the Ivideon software to your computer. Best part, it’s free! When you connect your web and IP cameras to the Ivideon Server, you’ll be able to watch video archives and live video feeds through the Internet or a local area network.


Surveillance Time

Ivideon lets you watch video from your surveillance system from anywhere you want. The easiest way is through your personal browser, but you can also view video feed through your mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and Android. Finally, you can use the Ivideon Client which also provides access to live video feeds.





Personal and Business Solutions

Ivideon provides both personal and business solutions. Solutions to what, you may ask? Well, what if you had an elderly parent that may have an emergency? Or, what if you were going out of town and needed to keep an eye out on your house? And what if you’re a boss that needs to watch over their business?  Ivideon is the solution, my surveillance-needing friend.


More Ivideon benefits:


  • You’ll be able to watch over numerous facilities and save yourself valuable time.
  • Your employees will work more efficiently knowing they are under your supervision.
  • Your business grows and your property will be protected.





Ivideon has an additional function that allows you to share video with friends on Facebook or embed live video on your website. Check it out:





Video surveillance has a multitude of benefits, and now it’s simple and easy to install and use with Ivideon. For more proof, check out the site’s blog where you can watch demos of the app, and read up on important software updates. And, creating an account is free, so why not try it out? I know if I were an HR professional, manager, or a concerned mom or property owner, I would definitely consider installing Ivideon. But as a freelance writer with very few possessions, I’ll settle for being watched on the Starbucks’ surveillance cameras. I would love to see that footage.


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