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Reformat Resumes Quickly And Beautifully With iReformat




The recruitment field is full of inefficiencies and startups worldwide are rushing to fill the gaps. From finding the right talent to managing the inevitable back and forth to collecting payments, being a professional recruiter is a constant juggling act.


iReformat is aiming to make at least one act in that circus a little more manageable – the formatting and reformatting of resumes. Think about it: we all have different types of devices, different software that we use, and different preferred file types. While a potential recruit may spend painstaking hours putting together a resume in Word, the potential boss may only use Pages.


The recruiter, then, has to spend time converting the file from Word to Pages, all while making sure all of the formatting stays the way it should. Then, if they want to send the same recruit over to another potential boss, that boss prefers PDF. The whole process has to be repeated again and again, a Chinese water torture of seconds building into minutes building into hours taken out of the recruiter’s already busy day.


With iReformat, that whole process is reduced down to a few clicks. Instead of potentially hours of work that it would take to put it all together themselves, recruiters can use the templates provided by iReformat to create easy to read, standard resumes almost instantly. This frees them up to focus on attracting top talent and presenting them in the best light possible.


iReformat is also totally reasonably priced. For people who are doing just a little bit of hiring – up to 10 resumes per month – it’s totally free. For recruiters who send up to 1000 resumes a month, the cost is $.50/per resume. And then for those who are super stars, iReformat offers an “enterprise” solution that includes unlimited resumes, users, templates, and priority email and phone support. For that big boy, just give them a call for pricing.


On top of all that, iReformat is committed to exemplary customer service. New customers get 15 days for free and they have a no questions asked downgrade policy. They also have no problem providing their customers with all of their data in CSV or Zip files – all you have to do is ask.


Recruiting is a fast pace, intense, difficult job. Recruiters looking to make their days that much smoother should consider hopping on board with iReformat and remember: those minutes spent reformatting add up.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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