Buy One Pizza, Get The Second One 1/2 Off! iQoffer Is The Smart Way To Market Your Discount Offers And Make Some Instant Cash


There’s a lot of offer sites out there, and fair enough. The success of sites like Groupon and Living Social have inspired others to offer deals of their own. And, who doesn’t like a great deal? But how does a small business with a big offer go about creating and marketing it? iQoffer if a good place to start.





Create Offers Online The Smart Way

Vionic cloud-based solutions has created iQoffer, a platform to help small businesses break out of traditional marketing habits and monetize their social media outlets. The app makes it effortless to create your own online discount offers, publish them on Facebook and make some instant cash. That sounds pretty nice, don’t you think?



Target Your Market Effectively. Make Money Instantly

Many small businesses are still stuck in the stone-age with their marketing efforts. Others have dabbled in social media but aren’t using it effectively. That’s why a platform like iQoffer is an excellent tool to help small businesses move to the 21st century and actually utilize the social media mayhem. What that means is your targeting exactly the audience you want and marketing to thousands (if not millions) of potential customers more effectively.



iQoffer takes you step-by-step to create your own discount offers and monetize them online. Here’s how it works:


  1. Initial Set-Up – First, select your country and the background color that will appear on your offer.
  2. Select Image -You’ll then select the image you want to go along with your offer.
  3. Headline – Create a catchy headline like “Sexy Nails For 50% Off” that will get the audience’s attention
  4. The Deal – Set the terms of the offer (enter original price and the deal, how many offers are left, etc.) This is a great way to give your potential customers the all-important “Call to Action.”
  5. The Details – This is the fine print of your offer, telling customers exactly what they are getting when they purchase your deal. iQoffer suggests including restrictions (first time customers, 3 per person, etc.)
  6. Publish – Finally, you select a Facebook page you would like the offer to be published on, and boom. Your discount offer is live, baby!


When a customer purchases your offer, iQoffer sends the money to your PayPal account instantly. You’ve now just made some cash and gained new customers.





So, all you small businesses who are still feeling a little behind the social media curve. Check out iQoffer and start creating your own discount offers to monetize and socialize your business. It’s easy, efficient, and well-worth the five minutes.


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