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Intelligent Forms: Advanced Data Acquisition
(Including The World’s Tallest Web Form)



If you have a company, big or small, you’re always going to have the challenge of sorting out data and paperwork, especially if you’re dealing with large amounts of data acquisition and distribution. And, if you’re handling paperwork the old-fashioned way, well, you might as well kiss your productivity goodbye.


Luckily for you, though, there’s Intelligent Forms (




The Data Solutions Tool

With speed and ease, that’s how Intelligent Forms was designed to deal with large amounts of data. Their centralized database engine can distribute the data globally to other team members on multiple web and mobile apps. Fast, easy, efficient.


The Powerful Forms Engine

So what’s the brawns behind Intelligent Forms? It’s the jet-form engine that is super fast, super powerful, and simple to integrate and configure into other projects – even for non-programmers. Add your elements and within seconds you can create forms right from any web page. If you’re a larger organization, can provide customizable, advanced enterprise solutions.



Mobile Apps

Intelligent Forms offers free apps forĀ Windows 8 and as well as Windows Phone 8. They are also testing on other platforms like BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. The mobile app is equipped with time and location verification, form sharing, data input options, notifications, native forms, and other dynamic elements. Check out a full description of the mobile features here.


Central Database Awesomeness

Intelligent Forms are all about helping organizations cut cost on their large data and reporting needs. Their central database provides the flexibility, power, reliability and performance to meet all their needs. Data is exchanged securely between users and devices regardless of where they are. Global connective goodness.




The engine is not just fast! It was built with some of the most elegant software architecture. Oh yeah, and Intelligent Forms has taken extreme engineering to the next level by building the World’s tallest web form.



Everything sound good so far? Great! You’ll love the price too. The Starter package is free, and perfect for startups and small projects. It includes features like:


  • 150 cloud forms
  • 1 user
  • Mobile forms
  • Email notifications
  • Voice recognition
  • Sharing forms


They also offer Pro accounts (perfect for medium-sized companies) and Enterprise accounts (great for large corporations). Check out all of the packages and pricingĀ here.


If you are in dire need of help with your large data acquisition and distribution, and you want the fastest, most reliable solution, then check out Intelligent Forms and register for free. Trust me, Intelligent Forms can help make your working life, and all of your paperwork woes a breeze.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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