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Monsters University Or Despicable Me 2? Ask All The Right Questions On InstaPoll



Vanilla or chocolate? Rooftop bar or backyard barbecue? Should I buy these peach-colored pants, yes, no? Summer is full of tough questions. And sunshine only complicates choosing. (Just think about all the voting trouble they’ve had in Florida!) Well, here to make decisions a little easier and provide some added entertainment is a new polling app, InstaPoll.


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Are polling apps in at the moment? That’s a definite “Yes.” Joining the party is InstaPoll, a photo polling app that lets users create polls and then receive votes and comments from either friends or the public.


Instant Polling Fun

As the name suggests, InstaPoll is about instant answers and quick fun. Sure, you could ask your friends questions like “Which of the two colleges I’ve been accepted into should I attend?”, but is that really the best way to make major life decisions? InstaPoll is a way to jump into the conversation on current or popular topics, and to share opinions rapidly on all matters of interest. A way to engage the world and have a good time.


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InstaPoll has simplicity on its side. There aren’t any multiple-choice correct answers here, or elaborate graphs representing collected data. InstaPoll users create polls by asking a question with two possible responses. They load personal pictures or find pictures on the web to illustrate the choices, and then ask away. Easy to create, easy to share, and easy to answer.


Yes, layout formatting can be adjusted slightly. Yes, poll creators may choose whether to ask questions within a select circle of friends or to the web universe at large. And, yes, the application gathers feedback, statistics, and commentary from participants. InstaPoll, however, is geared toward speedy interaction and fun.


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Though a free iPhone app (available on the website or in the App Store), polls may be shared across any device with an internet connection. Send polls instantly via text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter.


Sometimes You Need A Simple Answer

If you’re of two minds about anything and want help making a decision on the fly, or you want a quick survey of friends’ take on a subject, InstaPoll is a great tool. For handling multiple questions or more complicated responses, there’s already a number of more sophisticated options like Pollbob, SurveyMonkey, MicroPoll or Yopine. But if you want a simple answer, and you want it NOW, InstaPoll stands apart as an easy-to-implement solution.


Torontonians Sidd Marwaha and Aelia Yousaf co-founded InstaPoll. Marwaha has a background in interactive multimedia and computer science. Yousaf’s previous entrepreneurial exploits include, a platform for developing ideas and attracting investors.




Chocolate. Rooftop bar. Yes, on the peach-colored pants. Next question, please!


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Author : Keith Liles

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