InstallThisApp Helps Businesses Get Facebook To Work For Them

From the standpoint of startups and small businesses, Facebook has a tendency to be as helpful as it is frustrating. Within the past year-and-a-half, FB has stepped up their game a bit by beefing-up the analytics they offer for business pages. Even with these improvements, the process of amping up traffic on your Facebook business page can be a huge challenge.




People may have resigned themselves to the influx of businesses on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that they actually enjoy going to business pages. Why not? Because most business pages are boring and/or trying too hard to sell their products and services rather than actually engaging their fans with interesting apps and content.


It’s safe to say that the majority of companies need to get a whole lot more creative with how they approach their customer outreach and marketing on Facebook.


If the “Apps” section on my personal Facebook page is any indication – people love games. Like a lot. Despite my personal opinion that Candy Crush Saga is probably the most convincing sign that civilization is ending, I understand the benefits of offering your Facebook fans (and potential customers) something interesting and fun to do on your Facebook business page.



So you’ve decided you want to flex some marketing muscles on Facebook… now what?

InstallThisApp¬†offers a suite of brandable apps for Facebook business pages. Users can customize games, contests, and sweepstakes for use on their Facebook business pages in just minutes. And with InstallThisApp’s powerful editor, users don’t need any previous programming experience!


Screenshot at Jan 21 13-44-08 currently offers 25 apps and tools for users to choose from. The list is pretty extensive, but of the 25 available applications some of the more exciting ones include:

  • Photo Trivia
  • Product Catalog
  • Snatch the Prize
  • Memory Match
  • Slots Machine


On top of helping administrators design and customize game apps for their FB pages, InstallThisApp also helps people manage and optimize content from other social networking sites on their Facebook page. For example, you could display a YouTube channel in a Facebook page tab, effectively linking up all of that content you spent so much time and money on. This can also be done for Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Screenshot at Jan 21 14-37-45


Cattle aside – branding shouldn’t be a scarring experience.

Branding is one of the most important and nuanced jobs a young company has to tackle. Having a suite of apps and tools at your disposal for your Facebook business page can certainly come in handy. With’s products, users can reach more viewers by having engaging content that looks great on both computers and mobile devices.


Screenshot at Jan 21 13-46-18


In addition to helping users with their epic branding battles, InstallThisApp has a whole host of features that allow users to track an app’s performance and extract data so they can see trends within their viewership. Users can breakdown their viewer’s data with filters for age, gender, or location. The platform also helps users organize all of this information along with helping manage some of the tasks that come along with designing an app with features like:

  • Built-in time zone support (clutch for international cliental)
  • Sharable admin privileges so your team members can get involved too
  • Apps can be scheduled to launch on specific times and dates
  • Downloadable user tables let you organize user data into groups (and then download to Excel)


It would be great if we could all have a company video campaign that went viral for free without putting in any effort. Until that happens, at least we can breathe a little easier knowing that tools like InstallThisApp are available to help us in our quest for more website traffic and higher conversion rates.


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