Instagram Brings On New Twist With Vitrue

As if Instagram hasn’t coaxed its 27 million users into believing they are the new photo stars of the generation, they have now made it even easier for those users to integrate their star-studded talent into the social media stream. There is a new startup riding on the coattails of Instagram’s success called Vitrue, and Instagram isn’t their only target.

Vitrue innovated a new “tab module” to help companies, brands, and the average Instagram junkie organize their work into albums in a very proficient manner. When a user is ready to upload their pieces, the new Instagram on Facebook lets a single tag on the photos instantly group them together for the desired album all at once. The time saved can help the users work quickly and not forget any pictures they wanted added to the album.




This way of filtering images for the user and really accommodating the marketers for their own work is a very evident example of the new marketing trend emerging through social media. More and more marketers are opening up to the visual aspects needed for marketing on Facebook. The consumers like the photos, and like to share them with their friends. It can really be a win-win situation for marketers, and the best part is all of the Startups such as Instagram and Vitrue that are paving the way for ease and accessibility to the marketing trend.


The new albums function just like any Facebook album users may have created in the past. The abilities to interact with the albums will stay the same as well, such as liking, commenting and of course the sharing aspect marketers strive to get the consumers to do. A neat new feature Vitrue will be adding, however, is voting components that can really have the consumer interest pour in.


The marketing groups can host contests that relate to their Instagram content to keep their costumers coming back again and often. It doesn’t quite stop there either. Vitrue’s ability to tag photos for albums lets them focus them around certain ideas without having to “post” the album themselves.


Vitrue intends on evolving with their customers as well and will help measure the success of the specific campaigns the albums were trying to promote. Feedback from Facebook is a powerful marketing device, and users of this Vitrue program would be well advised to take advantage of this very important tool.


Vitrue won’t be testing with waters with Instagram to see if their idea works however. Vitrue integrated with Pinterest a few months ago and has about a dozen brands already using their unique feature.



The big winner for the integration with Instagram took off after electronic powerhouse Logitech used their program to upload pictures and music from a recent SXSW event. Vitrue is currently working with a half dozen other companies through Instagram which should come to light in a couple of weeks.


Vitrue gives a very different insight into the “working with what you’ve got,” mentality. They looked at what the consumer needed, focused its resources, and took off with idea that is catching on like wildfire.

So keep your eye out, your need might just be the next big thing!

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