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If the only thing standing in the way of you starting up your own online business is the cost of software, then I am about to strip away that last excuse. Time to do some bootstrapping. Time to outfit yourself with all the necessary tools – without spending a dime. Pick and choose software or go on a downloading frenzy at


Insofter is catalog of free software downloads. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find something useful through Insofter.




Search for numerous downloads in a variety of ways. If you know exactly what you need, you can search for it directly on this free software download site. If you’re not quite sure, or just feel like doing a little browsing, you can peruse by Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android availability and more.


Insofter has you covered if you’re looking for desktop or mobile applications. Just about any business or office need that you’re likely to encounter, Insofter can help you find the appropriate tools. Here’s a breakdown of some of the other category heading you can use to filter your search:

  • browsers and plugins
  • file sharing
  • messaging and chat
  • file transfer
  • office and news
  • developer tools
  • anti-malware
  • firewalls and security
  • system tuning
  • compression and backup
  • networking and admin
  • audio and video
  • cd and dvd tools
  • desktop
  • photos and images
  • drivers



If you’ve ever gone looking for something free online, you’ve probably grown frustrated by bogus offers, illegal temptations, and bad software. Insofter looks to avoid those hassles, those drains on the patience and wits. Click on any product listed and you can read either a layman’s description or a technical analysis. Insofter also states clearly whether or not software is available because of a free trial period or because it has limited functionality. This should eliminate a lot of disappointment and aggravation.


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What’s more, Insofter lets users rate download links. In this way, the community is in charge of quality control. So before you download, you have a clear sense of what the software will do, how you can expect it to perform, and just how pleased others have been with the delivery.


Who doesn’t like or need something shiny and new? Insofter displays options according to the latest and greatest. There’s also a running list of the Top 20 software downloads, so you can be sure to stay up on what is being used the most.




Entertainment, check. News readers, check. Spyware, check. Developer languages and editors, check. Data encryption, check. Image editors, check. Remote desktop access, check. Insofter has the goods. No matter what you need for personal use or for your business, save money by downloading free software. It’s all available, and all in one place.


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