Now This Is How You Make A Startup Splash

In California, even the pools get facelifts.

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Seriously though, not just for cosmetic reasons, pools need TLC, sometimes refurbishing, in order to enjoy them fully. A dip can be the most refreshing or disgusting experience depending on a pool’s condition.


Dive Right In

Infinity Pools both keeps pools in sparkling shape and provides custom remodels or installations. Based in Orange Country, the company “makes older and outdated pools look beautiful again.”


Here’s a short list of some of the services Infinity Pools specializes in:

  • pool resurfacing
  • tile installations
  • pool tile cleaning
  • acid washes
  • equipment set updates


Build, Remodel, Maintain

Infinity Pools uses eco-friendly techniques to clean that hard to remove calcium, scale and stains – so they restore your swimming pool’s shine without subjecting tiles to harsh brushing or f-ing with the water’s chemistry.


Modernizing your pool or spa is a smart investment in refreshment and rejuvenation. Infinity Pools has the ability to transform your tired space into an oasis. They offer free consultations and project estimates, so there’s nothing to lose by checking out how they might revamp your pool.



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Equipment upgrades – things like LED lights, heaters, energy-conserving pumps, and enhanced control systems – help to better appreciate not only the pool’s appearance but its performance as well. It makes both aesthetic and economic sense to keep your pool in tip-top shape.


What better way to prevent founder fatigue than swimming a few laps in pristine water, in gorgeous surroundings?


The Deep End

In fine bootstrapping fashion, Thomas, founder and owner of Infinity Pools, learned how to do a little of everything. He fused a background in construction with a passion for pools, and studied water chemistry extensively – which allowed him to grow his business into a full-scale operation. Whereas other companies might have only one area of proficiency, design or cleaning, etc., Infinity Pools has expertise in cleaning, construction, manufacturing and all aspects of pool servicing.






Being a family-owned outfit means that Infinity Pools can give equal attention to craftsmanship and customer service. They’ll work with you, regardless if you simply want the water surface to reflect the sky again or if you’re looking to turn your outdoor tub into the Trevi Fountain.


Backstroke over to for a better look at all of the professional services Infinity Pools provides. Speak directly with an expert, check out the gallery of their amazing work, and receive a free quote. Cannonball!


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