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Who Cares About Silicon Valley? Go Global With INcubes International Exchange Program

While New York and Silicon Valley are obviously still the startup hubs of the world, they can no longer lay claim to all of the glory. The startup economy has spread to all corners of the world over the past few years and one Canadian incubator is on top of the trend.



INcubes, which is based in Toronto has just announced the INcubes International Exchange Program (IIEP), which officially connects their graduates to hubs, accelerators, and incubators around the world. Their partners are located in the UK, Hong Kong, South America, and the USA.


incubes international exchange program


The full list of their partners includes:


A global opportunity

The internet is global, but building a global audience can be difficult – if not impossible – when you don’t have feet on the ground in that country. INcubes specifically searches for companies with global potential and this program will provide their graduates with the resources they need to expand worldwide.


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From here on out, any INcubes graduate can visit one of the partner locations, work in their space, make connections, and get relevant referrals in the area. That kind of networking and expansion is invaluable to a company looking to grow in international markets. On the flip side, graduates from any of the partner organizations will be welcomed at the INcubes space in Toronto, providing them with a launching point to access the North American market.


INcubes ecosystem.

INcubes ecosystem.


The importance of global connections.

A startup founder with connections around the world is a league ahead of a company that is developing for, say, just the San Francisco market. Exposure to founders from all over the world expands your viewpoint and if you’re planning on hitting one of the many lucrative markets outside the US, there’s nothing like an international network of peers to help you do it.


Interested in joining INcubes and taking advantage of their international connections? Check them out here.


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