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Your Marketing Issues Solved – iMarkedy Internet Marketing Classes Online



You have a pressing issue: you already have your great idea but you just don’t know exactly how to get the word out. That’s a common issue facing startups with budgets not yet robust enough to hire a marketing guru.


Solution: You need a wide variety of internet marketing tutorials in print, online, or in actual videos and you need them to be available right away.



Done. iMarkedy has done the leg work for you when it comes to finding all the resources you need to learn the latest in web based marketing, all in one place with their internet marketing classes online. Whether you need to learn about Google AdWords, how to write a blog post, or how to build a Facebook Fan Page, iMarkedy has thorough tutorials that give you the essential information regarding these and a wide variety of topics.


iMarkedy Tutorials

Current tutorials include hot topics like: Website Builders, Blogging, Video Marketing, Ebook Publishing, Search Marketing, Network Marketing, SEO, Social Media SEO, Powerpoint Marketing, E-Press Releases, Content Marketing, Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.





Internet Marketing Classes Online

iMarkedy is set up like an online educational library at which on demand training is available 24/7. They gathered experienced businesspeople to author the various articles and videos so that students can get the most thorough and highest quality information.





Users who signup for the courses get the latest on new marketing skills and they have direct access to up-to-date strategies that can impact their bottom line, (helping them to make money). There are over 13,000 videos online which makes iMarkedy’s training resource quite thorough and this also means there is quite a lot of variety in the material available.


The Benefits

Users can learn at their own pace and on their own time instead of having to log in at a specific time and wait for an instructor to give a class. In addition, the videos are HD so the visual and audio quality is excellent.





Users can sign up for one of two plans. For $14 per month and no long term commitment, users can cancel at any time. Users can also choose to select the $118 per year plan, which turns out to be a 30% discount on the monthly plan. Both plans give users access to over 1,200 classes available anytime or anywhere. Both plans can be paid for by PayPal.


Another great thing about iMarkedy is that all of the material is viewable on portable devices. So don’t worry if you’ve only got access to your phone or iPad because iMarkedy is here to take your startup to the next level by teaching you what you need to know when you want to learn it, with internet marketing classes online 24/7.


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