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Best Hotels + Most Competitive Prices = Hotelscan (Travel More For Less)



I know the official travel season is technically over as we come up on Labor Day weekend, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning for next year’s vacation. Chances are you spent more than you originally budgeted for on your last trip, so I thought I’d soothe your post-summer stresses with a site that can help you be more prepared the next time around.


One of the most expensive parts of traveling is definitely accommodation. Unless you’re willing to couchsurf or stay in potentially sketchy hostel situations, paying for somewhere to lay your head will probably be your number one expensive when you’re taking some time off away from home.


There are about a million sites out there that want to connect you with temporary lodging, (source: The Emma Study Of BS Vacation Statistics). Today, however, I want to focus on one simple and clear site that aggregates all of those other ones in an easy to use home base: Hotelscan.




If you’re still in the fantasy stage…

The landing page of Hotelscan has an awesome little feature that lets you pick out cities based on the temperature there. Just move the little temperature gauge on the left hand side up and down to get instant suggestions of cities you may be interested in.


This feature is maybe more fun than it is reasonable.




Gettin’ into the specifics.

Click on the city and it redirects you to a list of available hotels. You can narrow down the search terms as broadly as price or as specifically as which amenities you’re looking for. You can also view all available hotels in order of how nice they are, where they’re located, or how they scored on reviews.


The review section is particularly helpful, as Hotelscan has aggregated feedback from a huge number of other sites. That means that some hotels have literally thousands of reviews, meaning one or two bad complaints (or one or two purposefully placed glowing reviews) aren’t going to skew the results.




One more awesome usability feature:

This site isn’t only available for one language or one currency. Click on the two little icons in the upper-right corner for drop down lists of 22 languages and a huge range of types of money. That means they’re able to reach an extremely broad customer base, way beyond the typical “English, Spanish, French” groupings.


So have you bookmarked this site yet? Summer unofficially ends this weekend, I know, but that only means it’s prime time to start planning! (Oh, and, p.s. don’t forget that the holidays are approaching rapidly as well…)


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Author : Emma McGowan

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