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Why Do You Belong With Us? HiringThing – Online Hiring Software That Sees Straight



The job market has been a hot topic for some time now, especially the number of jobs or the lack of jobs. The beast that often goes unmentioned is the hiring process. Inefficiencies cost job seekers precious time and delay companies from enlisting the help that they need. offers a “Duh, why didn’t I think of this?” solution to this conundrum.


HiringThing is a cloud-based employee search and job placement software company. They look to change how companies go about hiring by making it easier to post jobs, manage applicants, and hire outstanding employees.



Spreading The News

Job postings tend to appear all over the place and in various forms, which is confusing for everyone. HiringThing online hiring software allows companies to create one simple listing (which includes the standards: title, summary, and job description), and then distributes listings throughout job board partners and websites such as Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Simplyhired. This eliminates the hassle of repeatedly uploading postings, and takes advantage of social media to ensure that open positions are put before a large pool of applicants.




Companies using HiringThing have the option to customize listings. More importantly, they may link to application forms or embed forms directly on their websites to quicken the applying process – always a good idea to bring traffic to the website, and practical to provide immediate access to application forms.


Help For The Hiring Team

Based in the cloud, HiringThing makes it convenient for team members to discuss candidates, share documents, and manage communication all in one place. Screening questions allow hiring team members to filter job candidates. Simple tools allow personnel to sort, rate, and review applicants.


Interviews can be scheduled directly using HiringThing. Referral tools let current employees share openings with their network of colleagues, with potential for giving employees incentives and rewards for finding great hires. The range of tools affords teams flexible options.




HiringThing also facilitates creating presentations or reports of information collected from applicants. Analytic tools provide insights into the hiring process – for example, revealing the most productive sources of quality applicants – which allows organizations to fine tune their hiring process and recruiting strategies.


Streamlined Hiring

If HiringThing sounds straightforward, it’s because that’s how the process should be. The easy-to-use recruiting, measuring, and sharing tools already helped the startup complete a $1 million round of funding led by investors including Babcock & Jenkins and the founders of SurveyMonkey.




Joshua Siler, Founder and CTO, has built several startups previously and worked as a VP at a mid-sized company. His personal frustrations with the hiring process – lack of options, outdated or insanely expensive software – compelled him to create HiringThing to fill a clear market need.


All plans offer a 30-day free trial period. Afterward, monthly fees depend upon the number of job postings kept in circulation, matching the size of the plan to fit the hiring needs of a company accordingly. It’s not a salutation we’re accustomed to hearing, but one we’d all like to hear more often – Happy hiring!


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