Tap Into Higher Conversion Rates With Drip

Having customers slip away (drip) is as agonizing (drip) as trying to sleep (drip) with a leaky faucet in (drip) the house. (drip) Your attention locks on the (drip) sound. Sleep becomes (drip) impossible. (drip) Hopelessness sets in, followed (drip) by madness! “Ahhhhh!” Clearly this is a horrible way to go about business.




Well, before you take a crowbar to your website, consider using a tool that would like to see you gain a double-digit increase in conversion rates. Stop letting customers drip away by taking advantage of Drip, an email marketing tool that improves conversion rates by setting up simple auto-responders and email mini-courses.




Put an End to Leaking Leads

Drip aspires to be the “first email marketing tool to make auto-responders a first-class citizen.” Here’s how the process works:

  1. Choose default opt-in forms with a proven track record of higher conversion rates
  2. Customize email sequences to fit existing blog posts or use battle-ready blueprints
  3. Install a simple code snippet of Javascript to display opt-in forms, run split tests, and watch conversions
  4. Send emails to bring back repeat visitors
  5. Track your success turning visitors into customers


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The folks at Drip will even create an awesome 5-day email mini-course for you using your existing content, (blog posts, whitepaper, ebook, etc.). Alternatively, you can opt to have their professional copywriters create a custom course for you from scratch for a one-time additional charge.


Does this sound unbelievably straightforward and simple? It’s meant to. Like any great software solution, Drip strives for seamless integration and immediate results. Imagine that frustrating trickle of visitors turned into a steady stream of customers. Sweet victory!


drip 2


Passionate Entrepreneurship

Drip is the latest product from the California-based Numa Group and founder Rob Walling. It comes to market on the heels of the successful HitTail, the long tail keyword tool that’s guaranteed to increase your organic search traffic. (A success that came after several misfires, while also helping Rob discover his entrepreneurial purpose – which you can read more about here.)


Rob’s passion for entrepreneurship, as a founder, an investor, and a mentor, has made him a guiding voice in the startup community. He is also the founder of The Micropreneur Academy, which helps fellow founders launch software products.




Bootstrapping all the way, Drip has been rolled out slowly over the last few months. Despite limited early access, the startup has already generated several thousand in revenue while ratcheting up subscription numbers. Today marks Drip’s public debut.


Manage all of your email campaigns – forms, subscriptions, and more – from Drip’s easy-to-use dashboard. Capture contact information from every page of your website, and turn leads into customers. Right now, Drip is offering a 21-day free trial. Check here for additional pricing and plan info.


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