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Time To Cut The Cord! HearNotes Has The First Truly Wireless Earbuds

One of the confounding issues of modern life is the number of wires we’re constantly untangling. Reach into any backpack or purse and unless the owner is super on top of it, you’re going to pull out a crazy snarled ball of earphones, laptop plugs, and phone chargers. In this age of wireless internet and wireless speakers, how have we not solved the wire problem yet?



One company, HearNotes, is on a mission to help reduce the number of wires you have to deal with on the daily. While most “wireless” earphones still have a wire from earbud to earbud, HearNotes is 100% wire free.





Using wireless protocol Kleer technology and a small transmitter that plugs into any device, HearNotes provides superior quality audio – head and shoulders above what’s currently being offered by Bluetooth.


“Music and technology lovers have long known that Bluetooth does not deliver outstanding sound quality. Our initial research indicated that consumers were strongly vocal about their desire for a superior portable audio solution. The most astonishing find was not only this segment’s frustrations with Bluetooth, but that their feedback was being largely ignored by the headphone industry. HearNotes was inspired to genuinely solve this problem and deliver pristine wireless audio quality while also enhancing convenience, utility and style.” – Patrick Donohue, CEO of HearNotes



hearnotes wirefree earbuds


That convenience, utility, and style is currently available at an early “heard” special price of $219 – which is $130 less than what they’ll be selling for once they’ve finished their crowdfunding campaign. Included in the package is a set of HearNotes wirefree earbuds, a transmitter, and a wirefree charging base.


HearNotes is currently a finalist in the Fundable Crowd2Shelf contest sponsored by Staples Inc. They are competing with 24 other innovative companies for a chance to sell their product in Staples stores and on the Staples website.


Their success depends heavily on how well their crowdfunding campaign goes so if you’re so ready to ditch at least one set of wires, head over to the HearNotes page on Fundable and pledge at least $219 to make sure you receive your wireless earphones for the discounted price – and a month before anyone else.





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Author : Emma McGowan

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