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Everything You Need To Be A Sales & Marketing Superstar

hatchbuck hubWouldn’t it be great for small business owners to have ONE place to turn for all the information and tools they need to master their sales and marketing?



The recently launched Hatchbuck Hub is exactly that kind of resource center for business owners, in-house marketers, sales leaders, and marketing agencies.


More than a small business CRM, Hatchbuck provides comprehensive sales and marketing software that automates a variety of activities, saving users time and helping them to close more deals.



Save time, boost email engagement rates, and drive sales

Jonathan Herrick“Small businesses have to manage limited resources and everyone wears many hats, with the marketing role generally getting less attention than it needs,” says Jonathan Herrick, CSO & CMO of Hatchbuck, “…so we’ve created a virtual learning center stocked full of helpful materials and digital elements to get them excited about learning, answer their burning questions and apply their new knowledge of sales and marketing to their businesses.”


Hatchbuck simplifies customer relationship management. For starters, all actions can be tracked and managed in one spot. Hot lead alerts help direct attention to the best prospects, while drag and drop forms (convenient to use) make it easy to capture leads from websites, blogs, and social media.





By tagging contacts – also easy to import – Hatchbuck helps both organize personal details and segment customers by useful attributes. This means business owners can cultivate better relationships and interact with clients more efficiently.


Automated alerts and emails, contact scoring, task managers, and quick email builders are just a few of the other tools that Hatchbuck equips its users with – everyone has the flexibility to customize the platform to best suit individual needs.


Hatchbuck also helps create emails that are optimized for mobile devices, which is now the primary means of reaching customers. What’s more, a well designed activity feed gives a clear view of clients’ behavior and sales activity. Straightforward metrics allow marketers to track the effectiveness of campaigns and make informed decisions.


Free Resources!

Yes, sales and marketing efforts have many elements in play at all times. Experts and beginners alike can have their hands full trying stay on top of things. For these reasons, the Hatchbuck Hub contains instructional articles, videos, and access to webinars. Downloadable whitepapers, guides, templates, and graphics are also available to visitors free of charge.


A fun and interactive quiz serves as a good starting point for marketers to assess their skills and determine what learning still needs to be done.




Whether looking for free learning materials or affordable solutions, Hatchbuck empowers small business owners with the same CRM and marketing tools that used to belong only to larger companies. Visit to discover how you can automate your sales and marketing processes. Marketing coordinators are willing to chat and further help you grow your business.


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