#HASHCORE: Harness The Power Of Hashtagging


Only the most determined to rule social media need read further. Only those prepared to view graphic content should continue. This post is not for writers that tweet lightly (though it may apply to those that tweet often, seldom, or not at all.) We are about to conduct an explicit media exchange. Together, we will pay a visit to the startup #HASHCORE.




Friends, minds out of the gutter (that I tried to kick you into, ha!) HASHCORE.com is technology that allows content creators to keep material lively, engaging, and up-to-date by harnessing the power of hashtagging.


Installing code from #Hashcore onto your website allows you to link known hashtags automatically to hashtag counterparts on social networking services such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ or Facebook. By doing so, readers can immediately access the most up-to-date conversations and supplemental information related to printed stories.


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Enrichment Not Just For Dummies

In an age when the relevancy of web content has the life-span of a hiccup, it’s impossible to keep up with the massive amounts of information available or to stay ahead of breaking news. With #HASHCORE, you don’t need to try. The intuitive links stay current for you. Content creators are spared the hassle of creating and managing links. It’s all taken care of. What an amazing gift!


There will be no stopping the growing appetite for real-time information. Solutions like HASHCORE that free content creators from the worry of connecting readers to numerous data sources and allow them to keep focused on creating excellent content are the only hope. Perhaps in the future, HASHCORE will also offer hashtag suggestions to further assist the uninitiated or overloaded writer. (Please!)


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Of course, asking the startup to make it rain hashtags might be unreasonable at the moment. It’s already providing an excellent service. What’s more, #HASHCORE is currently in beta release. The UK-based company is hungry for publishers to test the product and give their feedback. Yes, savvy KillerStartups readers, you may help advance the hashtag’s evolution.


Creating trending hashtags, selecting appropriate links, deploying a judicious amount of hashtags – a huge array of concerns – might easily deter microbloggers and web publishers from using the vital hashtag to begin with. #HASHCORE cuts down considerably on the labor required to incorporate hashtags into content.


Put your brand out there. Giving HASHCORE a try now will place your logo on their homepage and marketing material. Watch the demo below to witness how easy it is to put #HASHCORE to good use. Investors take note that the video features WordPress compatibility, representing one market alone that numbers in the millions.



#HASHCORE – #realtimeinformationmadeeasy!


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