Over 175 Million Views In 1 Month? Crazy Viral! Harlem Shake Chart Celebrates The Meme


Wait a second… wasn’t that you I saw shirtless in the motorcycle helmet? Oh, you were the penguin, grinding against the wall? Please forgive my confusion. Luckily, I can watch the video again and clear everything up – there is now one place that honors and shares all the mad glory of the most recent viral video craze: Harlem Shake Chart.





In case you spent all of February shoveling snow, the Harlem Shake (not to be confused with the dance move) is an Internet meme in video form of people cutting loose to the hit song “Harlem Shake.” Harlem Shake Video Chart is a site devoted to this viral trend, where people can upload their own versions of insanity, vote on videos, or simply enjoy the spectacle.


Each video begins with one person (usually masked) beginning to feel the beat of the hit song by electronic recording artist, Baauer. Flash cut, cue bass, and… unleash the madness! Everyone in the screen frame begins dancing / shaking / flailing – having given up self-control, and either stripped down or changed into costume or both. Explanations fall short. You’ll just have to watch or make your own video like everyone else.





Get Your Crazy On

Some of the reasons everyone loves these videos are that they only take up about 30 seconds each and they’re relatively simple to make: one cut, one camera shot. Like the blues, the foundation is really simple, leaving room for infinite variety and improvisation. Then there’s the contagious music, and a touch of Halloween – of dance party, of pure fun bedlam.


Harlem Shake Chart keeps the party going by collecting videos in one, online location. Visitors join the festivities by submitting their own videos or voting on others, which helps establish video rankings. Harlem Shake Video Chart also orders videos into the best of all time or best of the week categories, so you may feast your senses upon all the most outrageous and clever Harlem Shake videos. Quick links to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets make it easy to continue fueling the trend.


How’d It All Get Started?

Five Aussie teenagers (known on YouTube as TheSunnyCoastSkate or TSCS) started the Harlem Shake video meme on February 2nd with their Harlem Shake video. Several more Harlem Shake videos were uploaded the same day, and on February 5th, one user’s video quickly went viral with 300,000 views in the first 24 hours.


By February 10th, more than 4,000 videos were being posted a day and Hank Rao’s “Harlem Shake (Grandma Edition)” video received over 1 million views in just 3 days. As of mid-month, there were more than 40,000 Harlem Shake videos uploaded, with more than 175 million total views. Baauer’s single soared to the top of charts thanks to YouTube popularity causing Billboard to change how it measured hits.





Now you can find startup versions, celebrity versions, swim team versions, military versions, dorm room… No, you will not find this author’s version, unless maybe there’s a tremendous outpouring of requests. Not to worry though, Harlem Shake Chart has a video to suit most tastes. And there’s still time to add your own…


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