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Rock An Original, Free Logo With GraphicSprings



When you’re bootstrapping, you don’t have a lot of cash for the “extras.” Unfortunately, that often means that things like logos and design fall by the wayside. Because websites are primarily visual, your logo and design should never be considered extra but, from what I’ve seen, that’s way too often the case.


With that in mind, I’m happy to introduce you to a site called GraphicSprings. Their stated mission is to “level the playing field a bit” for entrepreneurs who are trying to build a company on a small budget and they’re doing it by providing an easy to use, free logo-making service.





But I don’t know anything about logos!

Not to worry, creatively-challenged friend, ‘cause GraphicSprings has you covered. If the thought of figuring out your logo has you paralyzed, the site has hundreds of pre-made options for you to scroll through.


Not liking what you see? GraphicSprings refreshes their library of images daily, so check back tomorrow and there may be something that perfectly fits your image of your company and what you’re doing.


Super simple and fast

Who has time to spend hours and hours on a logo? Not you, crazy-busy entrepreneur. Luckily, the process of finding your perfect logo on GraphicSprings is quick and simple. Click on the big blue “Start Your Logo” button and you’re immediately presented with a wide variety of options. Scroll through until you find the one that catches your eye, click it, and get right to editing!


You can add text, change the font, make it bigger or smaller; basically do whatever you need to make the logo yours and yours alone. (just because it came from a template doesn’t mean it has to be generic.)





Once you’ve got it just right, click “Download Logo” and, voila! You have your own custom made logo.


There must be some catch…

Nope, believe it or not, GraphicSprings is offering this awesome service totally cost and catch free. You can use your new logo anywhere you want: business cards, your site, your blog, brochures… The list goes on and on.


The image belongs to you and you alone; GraphicSprings was just there to make it happen.





Still confused?

If you’re still having trouble navigating their site, check out the FAQs. They’re short, to the point, and walk you through any issue you have along the way. They’ve got instructions for editor navigation and text and graphic images that even the most tech-unsavvy among us should be able to follow.


GraphicSprings is one of the growing number of tools available to you as you bootstrap your way to success. What other awesome free tools for internet entrepreneurs do use and love? Share the love and let us know in the comments!


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GraphicSprings | Jam Adams

Author : Emma McGowan

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