Make Sure Your Business Is Up And Running Smoothly With GotSiteMonitor Website Monitoring


Remember that slip of the memory Rick Perry had during the latest GOP primary debates, that Oops moment? And his campaign went kaput. Fortunes turn even faster on the Internet. All your business efforts might unravel in an instant, unless a startup like GotSiteMonitor has your back and keeps track of your sites’ basic, uninterrupted presence on the web.

 is an external monitoring service that tracks a website’s performance and provides owners with alerts if anything goes awry. Their website monitoring is like an ongoing health check for your website, without having to take it to a doctor’s office.





Got Website Monitoring?

Is your website sporting a milk-stache, broadcasting itself to the world in great health? GotSiteMonitor ensures your website is up and running around the globe with 12 monitoring stations on 4 continents. Monitor your website for free from five locations, configured as needed to make sure your business is stable in its most prized markets.


Monitoring in as short as one minute intervals, website owners can remain confident that their business will not be damaged by any unnecessary downtime. Status updates cover performance (tracking any downtime or slowness), webpage content, and check for SSL secure certificates.


Keep an eye on your server by enlisting GotSiteMonitor to do the following tasks:


  • Monitor Smtp/Pop3/Imap email services
  • Monitor FTP file transfer service
  • Monitor network ping latency
  • Set up a maintenance window


Be The First To Know

Why risk giving customers the impression that you’re asleep at the helm by waiting for them to inform you of service problems? Isn’t it better to know first? GotSiteMonitor sends instant notification of server issues. Receive as many emails as you care to – or either as many phone calls or SMS alerts you wish – to guarantee you learn about problems no matter where you are, no matter the setting.


Sleep easier with summary reports and monitor logs that chart your website’s performance. Use visualizations to spot trends and achieve optimum uptime.





While GotSiteMonitor has competitors such as Pingdom, AlertFox, Site24x7, and SiteUptimes that perform similar functions, most focus on the user experience, complications with the user interface. GotSiteMonitor distinguishes itself by completing checks in incredibly short intervals and providing website owners with clear, fundamental performance information.


A free plan places five monitors on watch and monitors at five minute intervals. Under this plan, website owners receive up to 20 Phone / SMS alerts and unlimited Email alerts. For those left still feeling vulnerable, priced plans begin at $4.95 per month. This small fee affords monitoring at shorter intervals of one minute, and includes additional mobile alerts. Plans tailored for larger or more global companies also increase the number of monitors patrolling. All plans begin with a 30-day, free trail period. For more information on plans and pricing, visit here.


GotSiteMonitor is the product of Vannet Technology, based in British Columbia, Canada. Other projects include web hosting, a resume builder, online fax service, as well as design / development and consulting services.





Website uptime is so easy to take for granted. By the time a problem is detected, it might already be too late to repair users’ faith and maintain traffic. Make sure your website is functioning properly, and keep business in good health by taking these simple, low-cost measures.


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