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Get Around Like You Already Know – Globe Hop Like A Local

Fair warning: travelers should proceed reading with caution. Exposure to the following app may cause uncontrollable urges to spin the wheel of fortune inside Singapore’s Temple of the 1000 Lights or race to Hai Phong’s Fish Soup in Hanoi before closing. This author assumes no legal responsibility for impulsive plane ticket purchases or morning ennui curable only by wandering foreign streets.



Now, let’s go globe hopping

Globe Hop is a mobile, travel app that connects travelers to destinations through unique, local perspectives. It’s part travel resource, part social platform and part alternative tour operator. Curated places and activities featured on the app steer guests toward experiences suited for individual tastes.


globe hop landing


Currently, Globe Hop provides a view of Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur through a local lens. Explore destinations through a Pinterest-reminiscent wall. Photos and brief descriptions introduce visitors to the favorites of local “experts”, or people who share a love for travel, sharing stories and different cultures.


Click on an item of interest for more detailed descriptions. Guests will also then see a convenient Google Map for finding their way and other helpful recommendations such as the best time of day to do something.


Chill or Thrill

Perhaps what’s most unique about Globe Hop is a mood filter that allows each traveler to sort through possibilities according to temperament or spur-of-the-moment desires. Find things to do under the following categories: chill, thrill, love, food, value, surprise, indulgence, and party.


The flexibility to explore a city based on changing whims makes Globe Hop a handy tool because it can match each traveler with attractive options quickly. At the same time, what doesn’t work one day can easily be found on another when it’s more appropriate – e.g., an elevated forest walk when the weather cooperates.


globe hop samples


Immersed in authentic culture For those who want more than an insider’s view, Globe Hop also connects travelers directly to local guides. Each curator has a profile that gives a sense of the types of adventures he or she might provide. Find someone whose interests align with yours, and let yourself be shown around town.


The platform supports users creating their own profile or signing in via Facebook. Follow guides, share photos and experiences. As the community grows, reviews should help future guests pair with the right hosts even better.


globe hop mobile


Things for everyone and you alone

No two travelers share the same expectations when visiting a place. Some delight in historic sites while other care only about the food. Globe Hop provides a personal window into the cities mentioned thus far.


Adaptable, easy on the eyes, intuitive – and an invitation into the lives of locals either in person or at eye’s length – Globe Hop is well worth a look.


It’s also worth mentioning that the Globe Hop blog serves up ample doses of both food porn and useful tips. Those tissue packets on top of the tables in Singapore aren’t for your personal use. Nor were they accidentally left behind. They’re an informal “this seat is taken” sign. good to know, right?


Visit to learn more about traveling as only the locals can know.


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