Leave Glass Work Up To The Glass And Mirror Pros

While you may be a super handy man when it comes to basic carpentry or fixing leaky faucets or rebuilding a hard drive, broken glass is the kind of thing that’s best left to the experts. Unless you have a high tech workshop in your garage, you’re more likely to end up with an emergency room visit than a new window if you attempt glass work at home.



That’s why there are companies like Glass and Mirror Pros to take care of it for you.

Based in Florida, Glass and Mirror Pros offers emergency glass repair services as well as custom glass tabletops. Their services include:


Variety of service and knowledge.

They also do both home and commercial projects and their blog includes glass how-tos for those of you interested in tackling your own projects or if you’re just curious about how things work. Their posts include tutorials on replacing insulated glass, protecting your furniture services, and single pane window re-glaze.


If you’re not located in Florida and therefore can’t take advantage of their services, take a look at their Shower Inspiration Gallery for ideas for your own home improvement projects. If you are in Florida, you can shop online right from their store or contact them for a free consultation.



Design your own furniture.

The other unique service that Glass and Mirror Pros offers is the chance to design your own one of a kind glass furniture. They work with Aspire Glass in Orlando to make custom-designed furniture; everything from coffee tables with LED lighting to wall sconces to decorative wall panels.


So stop trying to be the Renaissance man who can take on any project big and small and leave at least this area – custom glass work – up to the professionals at Glass and Mirrors Pro.


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