Cheap Drinks To Expensive Suits – GiftHit Is The Social Gifting Site That Has It All


I don’t give birthday presents or gifts on Christmas. That’s not because I’m cheap (although my parents did do a great job teaching me how to pinch a penny) but because I think that so often the gifts we give and get on those days are just for the sake of gift giving and not really about the person.


Instead, when I see something that totally suits someone I care about, I buy it right then and there. I could hold onto those things until the next gift-giving day, but patience has never been a virtue I’ve cultivated and I always give it to them right away.





Giftcards are boring and so last century.

With that in mind, I think the new social gifting site GiftHit is a great idea. GiftHit allows you to buy a real, physical product and send it to a friend through a Facebook wall post, email, or text. The founders bill it as “the best way to say hi, happy birthday, sorry I stole your boyfriend, congrats, and just about anything.”


Drinks, ice cream, and shows, oh my!

My little brother recently moved to New York City and I live far enough away from him that if I see him even once a year it’s a treat, so I decided to check out what gifts are on offer in the Big Apple. One great option I found was admission to Stand Up NY, a comedy club on the upper West Side. For $25 I could buy my brother admission and two drinks, which is really a steal when you consider that finding a drink for under ten bucks in that neighborhood (and in many neighborhoods in NYC) is a serious challenge.





Or I could be really cheap and get him a Budweiser and a shot of Jack Daniels or Jose Cuervo for $6 at Bar None in the East Village. Considering the fact that I highly doubt my little brother ever goes above 14th Street, this might be the better option.


While I’m sure his girlfriend would appreciate a shot and a beer too, I decided to go more to the girly side when looking for a gift for her. I know how scary New York can be when you first land, so I figured a sweet little gift would be nice for her.





Gelato Ti Amo is a bomb, bomb ice cream shop on 2nd Avenue and 4th Street. For $12.80 I can buy her a half pint to go of their delicious sweet treats. I’m going to tell her not to share it with my brother.


Now, if you’re looking for a totally baller gift, GiftHit has those too. In New York City, you could drop $999 dollars and give someone a Custom Super 120 Suit from Mark Russell Clothing. My brother definitely needs one of these but, unfortunately, I am not yet a millionaire. Maybe someday, Ev, maybe someday.





But I don’t know anyone in New York City!

GiftHit doesn’t just exist in New York, though: you can also send gift in Bloomington, Madison, Syracuse, and Tucson. The site also gives you the option of searching for gifts around your friend’s college, with New York City options of Baruch, Fordham, New School, and NYU. Schools outside NYC include Indiana U, Syracuse, University of Arizona, and University of Wisconsin.


If you know people in any of those areas, go check it out! Who wouldn’t like to get a free beer at the end of a long day?



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