A-Levels, GCSE Revisions, And University Applications? Don’t Panic! Get Help Getting-In


I used to think the Queen’s English and Yankee talk were quite similar, but I’m not so sure anymore. After coming to realize that revision is the source of great stress and discomfort in the UK, and struggling to decipher the GCSE and A-level exams grading system, I must agree with Getting-in founder Stephen Newall that we should work to make life easier and not harder for students.



1+1 X HYGGG^ = HUH?

If you can make sense of current academic systems on your own, you should be given an honorary degree and allowed to bypass higher education all together. Since that’s not going to happen, it’s a good thing that help has arrived. Getting-in is an online education platform, a one-stop shop for students’ education-related needs. This resource aims to help with the student transition from schools into Higher education and then into life after graduation.


Getting-in is a treasure trove of tools for navigating the world of academia. Nuances aside, students in any country face similar headaches. Here are a few of the common aspects of Higher education that Getting-in addresses:


  • Exam preparation
  • A Level Revision guides
  • GCSE Revision guides
  • University listings and information
  • Open Day listings
  • Course information
  • Personal statements
  • Writing tutorials
  • Financial aid



Homework Completed

Education is more expensive now than ever before and, as a result, the stakes have never been higher. Choosing a course of study, a career path, has tremendous consequences on intellectual development, overall well-being, and financial fortunes. It’s insane to expect our youth to be able to juggle these tremendous pressures while simultaneously trying to navigate the complicated options without sufficient assistance.



In addition to links for quick information, Getting-in has assembled a book that exhaustively covers everything from the basics of university life, choosing both a career path and an institution of higher learning, the application process, and funding.


A fluid calendar sensibly displays open days for visiting universities along with direct links for booking both appointments and accommodations. Information regarding each college is included, saving students the time of initiating separate searches.


What’s more, Getting-in shares a library of personal statements, providing written samples related to any course of study imaginable. Students will also find other writing resources, as well as information related to finding jobs or apprenticeships – even starting a business after graduation. Under the “Offers” tab, students have the opportunity to find loads of discounts on education themed goods and services.


High Marks

Adding to the difficulties of the convoluted application process, Stephen Newall had to contend with dyslexia while weighing crucial life choices. Unsure how to begin his research, where to turn to for assistance, the options overwhelmed him. His frustrations proved fruitful in the end, however, inspiring him to create Getting-in. He’s since put together a growing team of innovative graduates, established teachers, professional writers, and educational experts to spare future learners his agonies.



I don’t care by what academic standards you give your grades – that’s an accomplishment worthy of honors.


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