Could Your DNA Hold The Key To Keeping Off The Weight This Holiday Season?



Holiday season is equally anticipated and dreaded by people who love food. On the one hand, there’s an abundance of deliciousness practically every other week. On the other hand, there’s an abundance of deliciousness practically every other week.


The quandary, of course, is that anyone who struggles with maintaining a healthy weight (read: basically everyone in the US) is going to be faced with temptation after temptation and, inevitably, put on a few pounds in those yummy months between Halloween and New Year.


Recent research has discovered a whole new way to keep off the pounds: DNA diets. The official names are “nutrigenetics” and “nutrigenomics” but the simple explanation is that these diets are specifically tailored to each individual based on what their DNA profile reveals about their metabolism.


One company that’s helping people discover what their bodies are already telling them is GenoVive. The company creates customized diets and exercise plans for their clients based on each individual’s DNA profile. The idea is that these “one size fits all diets” are never going to work for everyone. Each person’s body has different needs in order to stay healthy and GenoVive is committed to helping people discover what those needs are.




The company even offers to prepare meals for people who don’t have the time to do it themselves. For $18.75 per day, the GenoVive Meal Program will put together three meals and two snacks that comply with each person’s DNA diet.


The founder of GenoVive, Victor Castellon, was a 50 year resident of New Orleans who came back to the city after it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As a way to deal with the massive loss, he turned to food – and subsequently gained 95 pounds over the course of three years.


In order to drop the pounds as quickly and efficiently as possible, Victor started doing research into nutrigenetics and then decided to test his own DNA against the research. Once he’d figured out what he needed, he hired on a chef to help him create meals that matched his metabolism.


Victor lost the weight and then set out to create a system that would help other people in situation do the same. After years of research and development they worked out the best methodology and are now offering it to other dieters with GenoVive. Victor stands behind his system because he has personally lost almost one hundred pounds on it.


Interested? Check out GenoVive’s site at to learn more about DNA-based diets and how you can get started with a diet and exercise plan of your own.


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