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Open Sesame! Garageio Teams With Your Smartphone To End Garage Door Headaches

Hitting the button on the back wall of the garage and then racing out the door was a fun game as a kid – until about the 5th time the door stopped midway, had to be raised before trying to make it out in time again, and everyone in the car wanted to strangle you for being late.



Are we really still waiting to make sure the door is all the way down before turning the corner?

Garageio puts a stop to such inconvenient nonsense by giving people control over garage door openers through their smartphone. After simple installation of hardware to an existing garage door opener, connecting the Garageio black box to your wireless network, and then downloading the app – you can open and close your garage door from anywhere with ease.



Can’t remember the keypad code in the middle of a blizzard? Just a couple clicks and swipes on your mobile device and you’re inside before you get cold. 3 blocks from the house and can’t remember if you closed the door? You can check the activity monitor for peace of mind, or bring the door down if you need to, without turning back.


Garageio sends an alert if the door is left open too long, which let’s us say goodbye to far and away the biggest garage door worry – did I leave the door open or closed? What’s more, Garageio pairs ingeniously with IFTTT (If This Then That), which makes it even easier to manage different situations – for example, you can have the door close automatically after being left open for a predetermined amount of time or after it starts to rain.






Unchained from the remote

By sharing access to a Garageio account, it’s no longer necessary to purchase a remote for everyone coming and going through the garage. In the past, it probably wasn’t worth buying a remote for grandparents or the babysitter despite the usefulness of them being able to enter and leave on their own. If a trusted neighbor calls up to borrow something while you’re not around, they also can be let inside as long as they have a smartphone.


Garageio supports up to 3 separate doors, including single-panel and sectional doors and most openers manufactured within the last 25 years. Combining openers by using the app eliminates the trouble of keeping multiple remote controls on hand – not to mention, ends the frustration of dealing with the erratic function of different buttons.






Garageio has put a stop to enough remote control problems to become a finalist in Fundable’s Crowd2Shelf Contest. They’re now locked in competition with 24 other companies for a chance to sell their product in Staples stores and on the Staples website.


Want to raise your garage door with a swipe of the cell phone? Pledge $139 to their crowdfunding campaign and receive one of the first kits they ship, discounted $10 from the retail price.


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