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Gaming Startup Accelerator GameFounders Opens Their Doors In Estonia

For gaming developers who’ve launched their great game but simply don’t have the money nor the contacts to have it distributed, there’s a new gaming accelerator in Estonia that’s offering 15,000 Euros in exchange for 9% of the company, GameFounders. You don’t necessarily have to have a company and the game itself can even be a beta version.



Does that sound rad, or what? Well, if you’ve seen the movie Indie Game you may have a better idea of what some of these independent game makers are dealing with and it’s not always nice.


The First Of Its Kind In Europe

GameFounders says it’s the first startup accelerator in Europe to focus on gaming and on top of that, one of their four founders is Paul Bragiel of i/o Ventures. Bragiel is better know as the founder of Lefora, a free forum creation and management web app that gives users up to 10 gigs of storage per month.


Partners supporting GameFounders include individuals from Microsoft, Nokia, and Nordic Game.


Awarded individuals or teams are required to move to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, for three months where they will have access to experienced developers, CEOs, investors, and mentors.


GameFounders isn’t looking for any kind of game specifically or one that has been made on any specific platform although the site does suggest that at the moment, mobile games are more likely to awarded mentorship. A good game is a good game so it’s safe to say that if a developer already has lots of gamers enjoying his or her game, then the chances are still quite good.


The Game Funding

“GameFounders has a network of angels and VCs interested in gaming startups. The startups will get several opportunities to practice and present to international VCs, corporate and angel investors as our Demo Days held in Tallinn, Helsinki, London and San Francisco,” reads the GameFounders site.



Don’t have the cash to move to Estonia?  The basics are also covered by GameFounders according to its site, “Our startups also get a moderate amount of funding upon acceptance to the accelerator. This amount covers accommodation and other living expenses for the team while living in Estonia.”


San Francisco’s game incubator GameDojos is also mentioned as a partner.


Just Build It

Building a great game takes true creativity. Instead of mimicking what’s hot on the game market, some innovative games may not appeal widely to a larger audience. Sometimes word of mouth is enough to get a game into the hands of large amounts of people but to take it to entirely new level, extensive marketing and connections may be necessary. It definitely depends on the ultimate goals the game maker has in mind.


GameFounder is essentially offering game developers who already have an audience, the opportunity to take their game to that next level and to help them get more cash for their hard work.



When’s The Deadline?

The deadline for applying for the first session is on July 10th, 2012 with selections finalized in August, and a start time slated for the month of September. For their first round, they are looking for about 10 gaming startups to mentor. Those wishing to apply are probably already in the process, but if not – APPLY NOW. Not yet ready? Don’t worry. There will be another opportunity either late this year or early 2013.


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