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Fundable + LaunchRock = Good For Everyone [Pick Of The Crowd]



Fundable has long been a favorite crowdfunding site over here at KillerStartups. As one of the first companies to focus exclusively on getting small businesses funded, we’ve seen awesome companies like BodBot, 3-D Vision, MailTamer, and ZebraCard complete wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns with Fundable, so we were a little concerned when it appeared like the site was slowing down.


It really was radio silence for a while and we started wondering: Could it be that our number one crowdfunders weren’t as successful as we thought they were? Were the curtains due to come down on Fundable?


I’m happy to announce that all that worry was for nothing, as I’ve recently received news that the folks at Fundable were quietly working away on boosting their numbers as well as closing on some seriously impressive deals. To add to their already excellent resume of scores of successfully funded companies, Fundable has recently acquired a little website you may have heard of:


For those of you who haven’t heard of LaunchRock…

Are you sure you’re on the right website? You are interested in startups, right?


Kidding, kidding!

LaunchRock is perhaps the most popular site for very early stage startups who need a landing page but aren’t quite ready to show off their product just yet. It’s basically the go-to place for any company that has a domain name and needs a placeholder. Even if you haven’t used their services yourself, you’ve totally seen their work on other websites.


While not as famous as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Fundable actually blows the former out of the water with an average raise size that comes in at $175,000 or 12 times higher than the average raise on Kickstarter. They’ve helped businesses raise over $87 million in commitments and by adding Launcrock to their company, they now have 10 million registered users 500,000 registered startups, and can boast of 15,000 company launches monthly.






This is an acquisition that has the potential to take the startup world by storm.

Let’s see, we have thousands of early stage startups congregating in one place. They’re trying to build their name, build their customer base, up their traction and, OH YEAH, raise funding! Where ever could they turn for help and guidance and access to both crowdfunding and accredited investors.


Looks left, looks right.

All jokes aside, I want to say congratulations to both Fundable and Launchrock for what I truly believe will be a merger that will benefit both companies tremendously. More importantly than that, however, this joining of forces is going to benefit the startup community immensely as these two valuable companies move forward together.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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