Frugaa: Great Deals For All You Frugalistas

My boyfriend is crazy good at finding online coupons. (He’s also the king of getting free stuff IRL, but that’s a whole other story.) I, on the other hand, seem to only ever find the super scammy ones that are expired or very likely going to put some nasty virus on my computer.


However, I’m a writer. Which means I’m broke. Which means I love any and all discounts. Rather than risk my computer’s health by clicking those scams or my pride by asking my boyfriend for help every time I want a break on some expensive thing I’m buying online, from now on I think I’ll just turn to Frugaa for all my online couponing needs.



Frugaa like… Frugal?

You got it, word-savvy reader. Frugaa is a go-to site for all you frugalistas out there searching for a great deal. At the time of writing this article, Frugaa had:




On top of their coupons, the site offers a savings calculator, categories, a marketplace, and a reward section. If you know you want to drop some dollars but aren’t sure exactly where you want to spend, browse through their top retailers, where you’ll find an extremely comprehensive list arranged in alphabetical order.


A quick perusal of the companies you can find on Frugaa reveals national brands like, Old Navy, Lands’ End, and Starbucks but just like outlet shopping, digging a little deeper is sure to unearth some hidden gems. Give yourself a break from the grind today and take a little swing around the site. I bet you’ll find something you like.


Get on it!

There is, of course, a time element. Online coupons don’t last forever, so it’s wise to check out the site pretty often to see if there are changes in the stores that you’re interested in. Your favorite brand could be having a sale right now and how would you know otherwise?



Both online shopping and couponing in brick and mortar stores are where it’s at these days and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to take the two and combine them online, without risking your personal data to sketchy coupon scams.


Frugaa grabs all the legit deals from around the web and hosts them in one spot for your money-saving pleasure. Search for coupon codes, discounts, and promotions now at You can also like Frugaa on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or join their circles on Google+.


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