Friday Tech Top Ten


Hello friends and welcome to the new year and the first installment of the Friday Tech Top Ten for 2013. We’ve already kicked this week off with some great tech stories. So without further adieu, here are the top posts that you probably missed after guzzling champagne, dancing your face off and curling up in your pain cave this week.





1. Interview with Listnerd co-founder Eric Andersen

“Our vision for the site is to become the Pinterest for lists. Pinterest started out only for fashion bloggers and they evolved. Now you find Pinterest boards on just about anything. I think that’s also where we want to take Listnerd.”


Check out Keith’s awesome interview here.


2. Find a new career in 2013

“Career Coach and Author Ford R. Myers Offers a Fool-Proof Plan to Find a New Job or Fix Your Current One in 2013.”


Check out all of Ford’s career advice here.


3. The best of tech 2012

“Our KillerStartups team has gathered the best of tech 2012 so you can sit back, relax and get inspired for the new year.”


Check the full top 20 list here.


4. Get more website traffic to your site in 2013

“Good content markets itself. When you put the effort into building and promoting great pieces of content, the natural result is more traffic to your website via shares and referrals.”



AJ Kumar, co-founder of Single Grain gives us the traffic-generating scoop here.


5. Avoiding startup tax mistakes

“While the IRS may not be especially interested in your company until you’ve been funded and have some capital, you need to think about taxes from the outset — to avoid tax trouble down the line, and to save money through deductions.


David Ehrenberg, CEO of Early Growth Financial Services, tells you the 7 common tax mistakes to avoid here.


6. What’s really powering the Internet?

“At, we see hundreds of new listings every week, and keep a close eye on the trends. What’s most in demand? Which types of sites are no longer popular with buyers?”





Check out the post from Matt Mickiewicz, co-founder of, here.


7. 13 things to ask your website developer

“What’s one thing a business owner building a new website must demand from their development / design team?


Check out the YEC’s top answers here.


8. Power of guest blogging

“Guest blogging plays an important role in the search engine optimization process. As odd as it seems, the future of link building may point at guest blogging.”


Check the power of guest blogging from… well… guest blogger Jessica Keren of ATT here.


9. Interview with Oroeco founder Ian Monroe

“Oroeco will change the world by empowering us all to make better choices, which will scale into systemic change.”





My girl Emma dishes up this awesome entrepreneur (and startup) story here.



“USZip gives you all the demographics you could dream of, simply by typing in a zip code or place.”


Check this awesome demographic resource site here.


Boom. Top tech stories for the first week of 2013 has just been served. Hope it was delicious. See you back here next week. Same time, same virtual universe.


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