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Friday Tech Top 10 – Career Moves, Beautiful Souls, And Bold New Brands

As hard as it is to move beyond the somber note sounded by the passing of Nelson Mandela at the week’s end, there is solace to be found in the vibrancy and variety of our dreaming. I am awed by all the brilliance I encountered in one week, heartened by so many examples of individuals who reject complacency in favor of accepting challenges, and left encouraged by the feats of our imagination realized when our glorious humanity flourishes…





1. Ready To Supercharge Your Career? Interview With “Zoom” Author Daniel Roberts

“Zoom: Surprising Ways to Supercharge Your Career is a book that profiles some of the most fascinating individuals to make their way onto Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list.”


Need reading material for a holiday gift, for your beach escape, or for inspiration to start off the New Year at the right job?



2. Publisher Free – Write, Read, Inspire, Succeed

“…see what crops up in the gap left by the major publishing houses when they fall.”


Will writing “bites” revolutionize publishing?



3. What’s Black & White & Striped All Over…And May Ruin Your Business?

“‘Zebra,’ as it’s come to be known, is an update that takes aim at online merchants. The striped brute has yet to be officially released, but savvy e-commerce sites are already making moves to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve.”


Already? Yes, another Google update. Online merchants, bust out your safari clothes.



4. [Pick Of The Crowd] Souls Of San Francisco

“…such a great start to a story and the end is even better.”



A tease, I know, but you’ll do yourself a favor if you read on.



5. A Transparent Plan: Make Money With Google Glass

“Fancy’s Google Glass app takes pictures of objects and finds matching or related items online, purchasable through Fancy with just a few taps of the Glass frame.”


Open your eyes and learn how to cash in with Google’s gizmo.



6. Practical Magic – ccGenie Turns Email Into The Work Tool We’ve Always Wanted

“It is the most reliable and versatile work tool that we have. Yet, we call it a mess and blame it for our woes.”


Collaborate smarter and easier with the most commonplace, online tool.



7. Purely – The Fashion Discovery Platform That’s As Good For Shoppers As It Is For Retailers

“Why did the customer leave? What were they looking for that we couldn’t deliver? If retailers are able to answer these questions, they would stand to make a huge amount of money.”




enters Purely Fashion into the picture.



8. 14 Ways To Thank Customers And Build Brand Loyalty

“Rather than sending cards at Christmas when many do, I send mine for New Year’s Day (handwritten) to my best 100+ clients and insert a scratch-off lotto ticket. ‘Here’s to a prosperous New Year!’ While most lose, everyone loves and remembers it.”


Great tips from the pros at the Young Entrepreneur Council.



9. Why Startups Shouldn’t Be Thinking About An Exit Strategy

“Tony Hsieh didn’t start so he could sell it to Amazon.”


Jock Purtle looks at why an exit strategy is a bad idea for some startups.



10. White Label Whiteboard From eduWEAVER Enhances Any Online Learning Experience

“For startup founders, the whiteboard holds a special place. It’s where we brainstorm, where we scribble notes, where we tape up our post-its. Walk into the office of any startup and I guarantee…”


An old-school tool receives a new-school makeover.



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Vlado | freedigitalphotos.netPurely Fashion | Souls of San Francisco | Biscuit SMLP

Author : Keith Liles

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