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Friday Tech Top 10 – Google Glass, Startup Fails, Over $20 Million In Funding, And 175 Million Views



I’m sorry to report that Holly Hutton, the lovely lady who generally brings you the Tech Top 10 each Friday, is a bit under the weather today. As you may have read elsewhere, Holly has been in New York City this month to check out the startup scene in The Big Apple and chat with some very passionate entrepreneurs.





Not that I don’t trust our reporter-on-the-road when she tells me she’s sick, but I have my suspicions about the cause of her sudden illness today. Too many nights out in The City That Never Sleeps, perhaps? Not that I could hate on her, even if that were true. I too have found myself “under the weather” after one too  many nights enjoying all that New York, the loveliest of cities, has to offer.


Since I’ve spent the majority of this week in my office rather than out partying, I told Holly I would be happy to whip up a quick Top 10 for her today while she gets some much needed rest. So without further ado, here are our Top 10 Tech stories this week:


1. 3 Tips For Bootstrapping Your Startup

“There has never been a better time to bootstrap your startup than right now. By reducing costs, generating revenue, and building a functional product, you help eliminate risk in the eyes of a potential investor. The result is that you’ll get more money for less equity than if you showed up with just an idea.”


Check out these 3 tips for bootstrapping your startup and staying lean while you’re working towards that first dollar.





2. MIT Business Plan Winner ($100K) And Y Combinator Alum Anand Dass Shares His Startup Secrets

“What does the winner of the MIT $100K business plan competition do with the winnings and plan? Launch of course! Anand Dass,’s cofounder has created a startup that connects any web or mobile application to the cloud while achieving four times faster uploads.”


Read our exclusive interview with Anand to learn more about that $100K and his startup secrets for success.


3. Your Startup WILL Fail. Want To Know Why?

“The folks at Startup Compass compiled data from more than 3,000 companies as part of their Startup Genome project to find out why startups fail.”


Make sure that your startup doesn’t fail by checking out this infographic now.


4. If You Haven’t Heard Of Google Glass, Prepare To Get Your Mind Blown

“Google Glass is surprisingly easy to use. If you want to take a picture, you simple say, “OK Glass, take a picture.” Want to make a video of your daughter’s ballet recital, let Glass know and recording will begin. Share exactly what you’re seeing with friends and family through a Skype-style video chat feature. If you find yourself in a foreign land and struggling with the language, Glass will save you with Google translate.”


Read more about these amazing glasses and watch the Google Glass video here.


5. 14 Ways To Keep Early-Stage Startup Costs Under Control

“The successful young entrepreneurs at The YEC were asked, ‘What’s one tip you have for keeping startup costs under control in the early stage of a new company?'”


Find out how hiring people with scrappy attitudes can save you money and 13 other ways to keep costs under control here.


6. 3 Unbelievable Reasons Why Video Will Rule, And Why You Need To Start Doing Something Like Right Now

“2 billion video views happen PER DAY on YouTube. See what’s coming in the next 3 years.”


Find out more about the internet in 2015 and the dawn of the zettabyte era by checking out the full infographic.





7. Moops, Bubbleboy! Better Check The Weather Inside With Netatmo

“The Netatmo Weather Station is a personalized weather station compatible with iPhones and iPads. Indoor and outdoor modules track local weather and monitor air quality. The cylindrical sensors record data and turn the information into graphs and charts on mobile devices that allow users to better gauge the environment near a home or office.”


Read Keith’s full exploration of Netatmo here.


8. Block Party Nextdoor! ($21.6M In Funding) Startup CEO Nirav Tolia On Creating Better Neighborhoods

“Partnering with more than 90 city governments and police departments in the fight against local crime. Securing $21.6M in funding. Expanding into 8,075 neighborhoods across all 50 states, doubling reach in six months. This is the story of real startup superheroes. Since visiting with us just a short while ago, Nextdoor has become a big hit in communities nationwide.”


Co-founder Nirav Tolia tells Keith Liles more about the power of connecting neighbors here.






9. Over 175 Million Views In 1 Month? Crazy Viral! Harlem Shake Chart Celebrates The Meme

“Wait a second… wasn’t that you I saw shirtless in the motorcycle helmet? Oh, you were the penguin, grinding against the wall? Please forgive my confusion. Luckily, I can watch the video again and clear everything up – there is now one place that honors and shares all the mad glory of the most recent viral video craze: Harlem Shake Chart.”


Harlem Shake Chart has a video to suit most tastes. And there’s still time to add your own… check it out now.


10. Don’t Die Wishing You Were In Silicon Valley. Take A Peek At 10 Cool Startup Offices In SanFran Right Now

“If you can afford to take a 2 minute break from working on your startup dreams, take a break now and join us for this short tour of startup offices in San Francisco.”


Get a feel for the good life in Silicon Valley here.


As for Ms. Holly Hutton, she should be back to the KillerStartups’ grind on Monday. Until then, please feel free to send your Get Well wishes and warm thoughts to her in the comment section below.


Photo Credits

Daniel Schwen | | Netatmo | Courtesy of startup CEO Nirav Tolia

Author : Dawn Bowman

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