Freshdesk, The Multi Channel Social Media Helpdesk, Now Includes More Tools For Google Users

Freshdesk, the innovative help desk software that facilitates customer support services for agents, recently made their services even more user-friendly. Last April, this company further integrated with Google Analytics, Google Gadgets, and Google Contacts.



By working with services that Google already provides, Freshdesk has become that much more appealing to the over 4 million businesses that use Gmail as their corporate email provider.


Analytics and Customer Support

Google Analytics gives great insight to a help desk service. Using Freshdesk, companies can now see how customers use support and identify the most critical points of contact. Thorough analysis lets companies easily see which support mechanisms best (and least) satisfy customers. By creating an overall picture, companies can better understand customer behavior and decide where changes might be necessary.



Contacts and Gadgets Galore

Freshdesk now also makes use of Google Gadgets and Google Contacts to bring even greater ease to all things customer support.


A social support desk is likely to have many inbound streams and multiple tickets and threads to follow.  This often translates to time wasted as agents attempt to follow customer activity across various platforms. But now with Freshdesk and Google Gadgets partnered up, support staff can now see customer contact details, ticket history, and an entire conversation thread all from a Gmail account.


When customers need help, staff have all the right data organized and on hand right in front of them.



Freshdesk also has a handy method for sharing contacts. Customer support agents can see and use a shared contact list within Gmail (somewhat similar to the Global Address List in Microsoft Outlook). With shared contacts, now all support team members have the right information when a ticket comes up.


Freshdesk CEO Girish Mathrubootham sees this as the final step in bringing together businesses and customers.


He explained, “Google has thrived by making it easy for users to access all Google products from YouTube to AdWords in an easy and streamlined manner. We are now providing the last mile solution to connect businesses on Google with their customers in a meaningful way. Our aim is to drive optimal brand loyalty and repeat business through seamless support.”


Freshdesk prides itself on its intelligent yet “dead simple to use” capabilities. With these newly incorporated Google tools providing even more streamlined customer support, Freshdesk continues “refreshing the way thousands of agents support their customers everyday, world wide…”