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Fresh Dish Is The DIY Food Delivery Service That Is Making Everyone A Top Chef



It’s only in the last few years that I’ve really discovered the joys of cooking. For me it’s seriously therapeutic and if people enjoy what I’ve cooked in the end, then bonus! But there are people that either don’t have the creativity or time to whip up a delicious, gourmet-style meal every night. That’s where Fresh Dish comes in.





Happy Belly

Fresh Dish is the DIY food delivery service that delivers freshly prepared ingredients to your door, so you can make a fresh home-cooked meal and create some very happy bellies.





Here’s how it works

  1. You choose a meal plan
  2. You select top chef recipes
  3. You get all the fresh, prepped meal kits delivered to your door


All you need is basic cooking ware and 30 minutes or less. Your family will be highly impressed at your skills (as long as you don’t tell them Fresh Dish did the dirty work).


Food for thought…

The average American household spends around 5.5 hours a week cooking? We’re talking 2 hours driving, at least 2 trips to the grocery store, 90 minutes shopping, $244 spent and 14% of waste created. Fresh Dish saves you all this time and money… meals start at only $8. Family meals made simple. Boom.





The Dad behind the startup

Steve Goldstein is the co-founder and CEO of Fresh Dish who said the inspiration comes from the difficulties of meal time in his household. Between him and his wife’s busy work schedule and caring for their 5-year-old son, putting a good meal on the table is challenging. He had his all-important entrepreneurial breakthrough by thinking… “There’s got to be an easier way,” and he cooked up the Fresh Dish idea.





Blog bites

The site’s blog has some pretty great food-inspired posts including how to get kids to eat healthy and behind the scenes in the test kitchen. There’s even Flickr photos of their mouth-watering dishes to inspire you (and make your tummy rumble).


I love the concept of Fresh Dish and when I earn my busy mom status it will likely be a service I will be begging for. If you’re already a busy family (or a lazy singleton) and want fresh, delicious meals delivered to your door, definitely check out Fresh Dish and all its goodness.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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