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Did Somebody Say Free? FreeVectors Makes Enriching Your Web Presence Easier



Bootstrapping sounds badass and doable in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long for that novice gumption to wear off leaving you with an all-consuming sense of dread about what you thought would be super basic decisions. One roadblock people tend to hit early on in their project’s development is how to jazz up their company’s presence on the internet.


Most of us know going into this process that we are going to need to build a website, blog, and social media pages for our company so that we can connect with our customer base. One thing that takes some people by surprise is that even in the age of WordPress and other free or affordable website design options, finding images to spruce up your site can still be a costly endeavor. I know – it’s a total bummer that our own ideas aren’t the only ones protected by intellectual property laws.


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FreeVectors is aiming to help with this very conundrum. Your website’s or blog’s aesthetic matters regardless of what you are offering, and a graphic or web designer doesn’t usually make it into the payroll until after the bootstrapping phase of development. The solution for many do-it-yourselfers is to find free resources online that provide images that can be used for enriching the stuff you put on the web.


Vector images are graphics which are formatted using proportions instead of traditional images which are usually pixel based. This means that you can easily adjust the the image without distorting it.


Vector images are used for:

  • Icons
  • Blog Enrichment
  • Emails and Invoices
  • App design
  • Presentations
  • Printed Material


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Founded in 2011, FreeVectors has tried to create a name for itself by offering people just like you free and affordable stock vectors. They get that until you can afford a design team, you are on your own and will probably need some backup. FreeVectors has got your back when it comes to:

  • Free Vectors
  • Stock Vectors
  • Custom Vector Design
  • Tips from Pros
  • Tutorials


About three months ago they also launched a search engine and Google Chrome based app called Super Free Vectors. The site and app allow users to search over 5000 free vector images. In addition to the free vector images (that are both EPS format and Adobe Illustrator friendly), the Super Free Vectors search engine serves as a one-stop-shop for cheap and free stock images from some of the most popular stock-photo resource sites including:

  • istockphoto
  • shutterstock
  • thinkstockphotos
  • getty images
  • graphicriver


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Doing everything yourself can be frustrating, but finding low cost solutions that keep your investors and clients engaged with your activity online doesn’t have to be.


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Author : Adam Corl

Adam Corl is a New England native with a passion for sarcasm, wine that tastes expensive, and keeping his parents questioning his life choices. This combined with a keen interest in organizational behavior and social science research has lead him to fund his nomadic lifestyle through freelance writing and research endeavors. When he is not writing about bootstrapping magic and project management tools you can find his stuff at The Bubble, where he is a staff writer.

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