Clothes Make The Man, Font Makes The Brand. FontPro Gives Designers A Powerful Typeface Tool


If you think font is of minor business concern, try to imagine Pinterest written without cursive lettering or The New York Times printed in an airbrushed-style script. Font is a design element that distinguishes brands and helps render a company unforgettable. Here to make navigating the sea of fonts – finding the perfect typeface for any project – quicker, and then using selected fonts across the web easier, is FontPro.


Give Me An “A”

FontPro is a service that enables web users to search for fonts and implement them in designs with minimal effort. The site boasts a collection of more than 20,000 fonts, all compatible with Google. For the time being, an account and access to this impressive resource is free of charge (though there is a charge for the licensing of some fonts).





Of course, so many fonts would make for a very large headache if difficult to search or to put to good use. FontPro keeps searches simple. Users in a hurry can survey the scene by browsing either “random,” “most downloaded” or “popular” fonts. Account holders with more sophisticated design needs can adjust filters according to classifications ( e.g. sans serif, script, handwriting) and font properties (e.g. slope, weight, width).


A number of features make previewing fonts easy on the eyes. For starters, there’s the option to view chunks of text side-by-side, which gives the viewer a reasonable sample size from which to make comparisons. Users can also customize searches by entering in text of their choosing, looking over only alphabets and numbers, or by selecting from a handful of preset sentences – “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” Remember that one?





Where Typeface Meets Application

Perhaps what best sets FontPro apart from the legions of font catalogs and other free services is the ability to work on projects within the service. Yes, this means users have control over givens such as size, height, and spacing, but more importantly, users are spared the time of waiting for fonts to download for comparison. They’re ready for use and for comparison with a simple click. This means assembled designs will be easy to convert throughout the web.


The proper font gives type a striking appearance, but also conveys character, attitude, and style, among other attributes. Designers face an enormous amount of choices when selecting and combining fonts – they face a great deal of work that must prove invisible behind the font. FontPro should make life for designers much easier.





Founder Yudhis Adi Nugroho is a medical doctor in Surabaya, Indonesia. He’s had the desire to make the web a more beautiful and readable place since the late 90’s. His parents swayed him at that time to put aside studying technology in favor of medicine, believing he would have a more promising future as a doctor. But passions never die. Thanks to browser advances and improved content editing capabilities, Yudhis knew the time was right to indulge his loves for technology and design, and provide users with a lightening quick typography tool.


Help him beautify the web by dreaming up new font combinations using FontPro.


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