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Master Your Personal Or Business Website Empire Using PinaCMS



So you’ve nailed down the concepts for 10 websites. No way you can afford to build and operate them all, right? Or your web studio is catching fire. Now you can’t keep up with client demands or must turn away business because a client’s budget doesn’t quite match yours. Don’t develop an aneurysm! PinaCMS has a free content management system that might be just what you need.





PinaCMS (content management system) is software designed to manage the content of a single website or an entire network of sites. It functions as a personal website management tool, or as a SaaS solution for businesses that handle numerous clients.


Build, Collaborate, Set to Cruise Control

Pina addresses the following content management needs and more:

  • blog posts and static pages
  • menu management
  • image gallery
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • subscriptions
  • FAQs and FAQ groups
  • User comments
  • Social media links and cross-posting
  • Home page slider
  • Feedback form
  • “Contact Us” page
  • “Our Team” page
  • Site Map
  • XML Sitemap


No matter if you want to do it all yourself, enlist some help to manage your websites, or hand the dashboard over to someone else, PinaCMS has you covered. Pina CMS offers a flexible platform and powerful organizational tools that suit everyone.



Pina gives users great flexibility. On the one hand, you can treat different sites independently. Each may have unique designs, features, and manager for that matter if you’re offering Pina to clients. On the other hand – unlike with other CMS products available – it’s possible to attend to many websites simultaneously (for example, applying updates, fixing bugs, or installing new features). This saves users the time and frustration of making the same changes repeatedly, and also brings down the costs of supporting a site. Since you don’t have to shell out money for separate maintenance, it’s much cheaper to keep a site in business.





Studios can leverage clients that would otherwise not be able to afford their services. Like a dealership network, PinaCMS allows companies to create standards throughout a network but make case-by-case, local adaptations. Pina may even be offered as a subscription service.


Some other advantages that PinaCMS touts over other software:

  • easy administration
  • flexible access control
  • opportunity to develop and promote websites
  • automated routine actions


Yet another reason to turn to Pina over other SaaS solutions is that it relies on open source code software – websites owners can switch hosting or move an entire site somewhere else without encountering the usual headaches or expenses. This gives owners a firmer grasp on both their website and pocketbook.


PinaCMS software is free. The company does offer PinaCart editions (fees depend on the number of sites covered and the level of support required), which provide enhanced technical support, assistance building sites and configuring accounts, and additional features. PinaCart solutions are more geared toward the needs of running e-commerce sites.



Michael Gunin, CVO and Co-founder of PinaCMS



Pina is co-founded by CEO Alex Yashin, CTO Vadim Arasev, and CVO Michael Gunin of the Russian Federation. Both men have extensive experience as software developers and executive leaders. They’re hard at work adding new features, trying to refine widgets and integrate Pina with social networks, so they welcome any and all feedback. No more excuses for your website not being open for business.


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