ClipArtLord Shows Us Who’s The Boss In The World Of Free Clip Art

Most of us were introduced to clip art when we were trying to jazz up a grade school science report. You’ve grown up a lot since then, and clip art has too. It seems that we are being asked to add visual interest to everything we put out there these days. Whether it’s your company newsletter or a PowerPoint presentation on this quarter’s earnings, people want it to be pretty.


Pretty doesn’t always cut it actually. Creating content that is as visually engaging as it is informative is the name of the game today. So what’s a mere mortal/office worker to do when they need to produce content that shines without breaking the bank?


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Let’s Get Visual

One potential solution is checking out The relatively new site has compiled royalty free clip art from a range of sites and sources. It also has material that has been made free for public use by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Not sure about you folks, but paying for the clip art I use in a PowerPoint presentation seems about as reasonable as having to pay for the water you get from the water cooler at work.


ClipArtLord strives to offer its users an easy to navigate website where they can find high quality free clip art for everyday projects they have both at home and in the office. So now you have another resource to tap into when you’re looking to give your website or presentation a little extra pizzazz.


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As one might expect their material is broken down into categories. Among them, some very practical groupings of clip art are available. Examples include:

  • Holiday art
  • Office oriented images
  • Medical imagery
  • Military themed clip art
  • Animated imagery that moves


Obviously there’s a lot more to choose from as well. ClipArtLord has over 30 categories of images that can be sorted through when searching for just the right holiday tree to put on the company newsletter this month.


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The vast majority of clip art posted on the site is public domain and can pretty much be used however you’d like. The terms of use for each image are provided on each clip art page. For more information, visit


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