Handle Every Sales Call Like A Pro And Close More Deals With Dealhackr

Panic and shame, accompanied by head nodding, smiling a bit too much, and silent prayers for a conversation to end quickly – we’ve all experienced the awkwardness of encountering someone who recognizes us when we can’t remember who they are. Always embarrassing, such moments are unforgivable when it comes to forgetting who a customer is.



Dealhackr ( ensures that you’re never caught off guard when a customer calls. This web application provides caller ID as well as important details about contacts so that you’re always prepared for a conversation.


Never Forget Anyone Again

Working in sync with accounts, Dealhackr imports contacts and displays pertinent information with each phone call. This information includes position, the nature of a business opportunity and dollar figures involved. Additional notes give the memory a helpful jog with more individual details – the history of your interaction, a person’s likes or dislikes, favorite color, etc.


This on-hand information allows staff to speak more personably with clients, which of course any customer appreciates. What’s more, critical details about deals ready the call-taker to always sound like he or she is on top of things.


Handle Every Call Like a Pro

Dealhackr also equips sales crew with price calculators and account timelines, enabling them to record and review account activity (emails, phone calls, voice mails, meetings) during calls. These tools give negotiators an edge by supplying them with information rapidly and almost effortlessly.


To further help cinch deals, Dealhackr offers closer incentives such as prizes, points and more.




Yet another piece in the sales arsenal, Dealhackr also offers free call transcription. This gives teams on-demand records to refer back to while also generating keywords and action items that assist with further reviews and analysis.


Transcribing conversations eats up a lot of time. Not having to do this work on your own saves hours of labor (and expense!) More importantly, app-delivered transcriptions free associates to work on more important business and finish more deals, giving users the confidence that every detail of important conversations can be retrieved without error.


Ready for Crunch Time

A “Swiss army knife for enterprise sales,” Dealhackr serves as a memory aid, caller ID, automated due diligence on the fly, calculator, bargaining chip, and more, packaged into one app. Not to mention, never having to worry about forgetting a person’s identity saves a lot of anxiety and grief.


Visit to request access to the app, (currently in private beta), and follow the company on Twitter.


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