Francisco Dao Is The Founder of 50Kings, The Community That You’re Wishing You Were A Part Of

Francisco Dao is a lifelong entrepreneur, author, former leadership columnist for, and the founder of the exclusive and much sought after community, 50Kings, which is a private community of thinkers and doers. Francisco seeks out those who believe relationships are more important than networking and substance more desirable than spectacle. 50Kings has become known as a haven for accomplished technologists and innovators as well as a place where mutual respect and the exchange of ideas supplant agendas and egos.



Prior to 50Kings, Francisco was the Director of the ever popular California Twiistup events. Prior to that, he was the head of Strategy and Performance, Inc., a leadership and organizational performance consulting firm, where he provided strategy and leadership guidance to hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition, he has served as the president and founder of TDEC Inc., a million dollar training business, and as a strategic development consultant to numerous technology start-ups.



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