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Put Down The Burden Of Forms – Let FormMule Carry The Load

“Hey, Jackass, let me see that report!” This is language unfit for most offices of course, unless you’re speaking to your software: FormMule. Like the sturdy animal that carries our loads (including the baggage of association with stupid behavior), FormMule does all the lifting when we need to build forms, with dignity and ease.





Based in London, startup FormMule is an online form builder. Users can create, send, and organize a wide variety of forms by taking advantage of this software. Unlike other SaaS solutions that focus exclusively on customer feedback, FormMule provides for many needs – supporting the construction of simple contact forms, wedding invitations, testing notifications, as well as the collection of data through questionnaires and surveys.


Letting the Donkey Do the Work

It’s nearly impossible to find a website that doesn’t call for at least one form – an order form, contact request, etc. – but few have the time or expertise needed to seamlessly introduce forms to their sites. The genius of this intuitive tool is that it requires no greater skill than the ability to use drag and drop technology. The aim is to make form building a painless process, fast and easy.


No design or coding experience necessary. Virtually anyone can create documents using FormMule, which saves employees time and eliminates the need for businesses to spend for outside services. What’s more, FormMule integrates easily into backend systems or other 3rd party apps, leaving no reason to download additional software or disrupt workflow.



A true beast of burden, FormMule serves as an all-in-one form solution. Build forms that solicit feedback, or generate reports with charts and graphs. Establish a payment portal where it’s possible to accept payments through PayPal, Google Checkouts, and Freshbook.


Users begin assembling forms with the choice of 30 different fields. Once put together, forms are easy to send vie email or social networks. Such flexibility means the software can aid individual users, small businesses and organizations of many shapes and sizes alike.


FormMule helps manage projects as well in the sense that it’s possible to assign forms to users, to add or subtract team members for collaboration purposes, and to send notifications regarding updates. All data is hosted by FormMule. A form manager keeps everything organized neatly. Form customizations permit consistent branding.


Launched in 2008, FormMule is now available in over 100 countries. Test drive the software or sign up for a free plan, which entitles users to create 10 unpaid forms. Afterward, plans start at $9 per month and increase according to the number of users and storage capacity desired.




Why work like an ass, when the Mule is happy to do the work for you?


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