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At The End Of The Day, Only One Line Matters

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Software loves the restaurant industry, providing tools for handling reservations, reviews, and inventories. While these all help bring customers in the door and to keep them happy, unfortunately such software doesn’t address the one crucial factor that determines a restaurant’s health: the bottom line.


Restaurants survive (or burn out) on a notoriously slim margin. This means that owners and managers need to keep costs under constant surveillance or their establishments will be out of business before anyone has a chance to figure out where they went wrong.


P & L’s Served Fresh Daily

FobeSoft is web-based restaurant management software that gives businesses control over their costs and bottom line with daily profit and loss reports. This up-to-date financial picture of the business equips owners with an accurate understanding of what’s happening in the restaurant so that decisions can be made in order to increase profitability. landing page


Rather than piece together the numbers by tallying receipts, agonizing over spreadsheets, and hunting for invoices, FobeSoft collects data for bookkeeping in one convenient location. Budget information is available immediately and ready for comparison daily, weekly, quarterly, or yearly as needed.


Real-time data, and alerts when anomalies appear, allow personnel to catch problems as soon as they show up. Unlike other software, FobeSoft also pinpoints areas of opportunity for improvement.




Food costs and labor costs are two huge budget busters. With FobeSoft, it’s easy to keep these costs in check – to make immediate adjustments to ordering and staffing that ensure the business operates in the black.


Time Is Money

Though bookkeeping and budgeting are huge responsibilities, management would always prefer to be attending to other details related to the customer experience and expanding business. FobeSoft lets teams do so by cutting down on the time spent on invoicing and budgeting – without having to pay for an accountant.


Data is available on any device for added convenience. In the end, FobeSoft helps restaurants control their expenses and operate with greater efficiency.


Cooked Perfectly

FobeSoft is built for restaurateur by restaurateur, created by the Cypress Hospitality Group. The company also specializes in restaurant consulting, concept development, executive searches and other recruitment services.


 FobeSoft Founder Geordy MurphyFounder Geordy Murphy (shown here) leads both FobeSoft and Cypress Hospitality Group. He has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry as a chef, consultant, and owner. His many accomplishments include opening renowned establishments such as Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio and garnering national acclaim for his own concept, Geordy’s Restaurant on San Francisco’s Union Square.


Restaurant owners and managers should visit for more details on how the software can help them take charge of their expenses and control their bottom line. Subscriptions run $129 per month.


FobeSoft currently offers a free 30 day trial and they are rewarding signups with a free budget consultation, valued at $350, (for a limited time).



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