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Fliwer – Planting A Startup In Fertile Soil



This will put technology to the test. Every plant that I have ever tried to grow has come to a sad, gnarly end. Miraculously, my black thumbs have yet to destroy any computer that I’ve owned. So maybe paying attention to startup Fliwer will allow me to grow something other than the list of my green victims.


Fliwer is a gardening platform…and then some. This “smart plant care” helps users communicate with their greenery. How does it do this? Fliwer Sensors placed in the soil near plants collect a lot of information – light, humidity, temperature, water, electroconductivity, etc.) that then tells gardeners what’s missing according to each plant’s needs.



These sensors are optional devices, but they elevate the platform to a different level. Each unit is outfitted to connect to solenoid valves, so plant tenders can automate watering. Instead of relying on intuition or timed systems, Fliwer gives plant owners the ability to better control irrigation and conserve water.


Total Control of the Garden

As I’ve already let on, I have a limited and sketchy history with plants, but Fliwer’s use of artificial intelligence inspires me to believe that I could at least manage the herb garden I’ve always wanted. Online, the system incorporates real-time information along with available meteorological data and forecasts. What’s more, there’s also a community of experienced gardeners connected with a wealth of knowledge to share. That’s a lot of help!


redfliwerScreen shot 2013-09-19 at 1


A Fliwer Control lets gardeners link devices to the online platform. Via WiFi or 3G, it’s possible to tend plants remotely using any preferred mobile device. Keep a library of what you’ve grown or are currently growing onsite. Check out the Fliwer store, the “garden shopping assistant,” to find Fliwer products and other gardening tools.


From Seed to Fruit

Marc Capilla is the founder and CEO of INOLVE, the parent company of Fliwer. Beside creating an innovative and useful startup, the business model of this intelligent system for plant care has great appeal. There’s a great product for sale. There’s a platform with enormous potential for a variety of use, as well as an inherent social network. And the package has something to give to people with a great range of skill, from novice green thumbs to expert groundskeepers. This flexibility provides the company tremendous room to grow. So to speak.


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I’ll invite you over for dinner when the basil and thyme are good to go.


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