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In The Market To Buy Or Sell Premium Business Documents? Flevy Just Made Your Job A Whole Lot Easier



I am all about websites that do the legwork of navigating the hundreds and hundreds of sites, products and services out there to bring you a one-stop-shop to find the best of what you’re looking for. Flevy does exactly that. And if you’re looking for premium business documents… well, my friend… you’ve come to the right marketplace.





Business Docs for Business Folk

Flevy is the business document marketplace helping folks in industries such as Marketing, IT and Corporate Finance explore and access documents such as:






Flevy helps you find docs for just about all your business needs; from IT to HR– even templates to track vacation schedules. Why would Flevy go through all this trouble to gather these business-savvy docs and organize them all in one marketplace?


To save you Time and Money, of course

Flevy is based on the principle that companies waste way too much time and money to create documents and processes that other successful businesses have already taken the time to create. Bottom line: Flevy doesn’t want you to re-invent the wheel.





Their vision is to become a comprehensive knowledge base of business documents so startups, small organizations and large enterprises alike can discover and use as references, kickstart a project or even just to learn.


Think you have helpful and awesome business docs?

As with any marketplace, Flevy is also a place for merchants. That’s right, all you Excel masters and PowerPoint pioneers who’ve spent countless of hours creating some of the most streamlined and efficient business tools and documents and always say, “Man, I should sell these babies!” now  you can. Flevy let’s you list and sell your business documents so you can make some else’s job easier and earn a sizeable income while you’re at it. Win-win.





Some examples of business documents all you savvy doc creators can sell on Flevy’s marketplace include:


  • Valuation Models (for various industries and company types)
  • Business Plan Templates (for various industries and business models)
  • Business Frameworks (e.g. growth strategy, product launch strategy, strategic sourcing, etc.)
  • Process Flow Templates
  • Functional PowerPoint Templates (e.g. Gantt charts, approach diagrams, puzzle pieces, etc.)
  • “How To” Guides (e.g. storyboarding a presentation, finding leads on LinkedIn, pricing a consulting project, etc.)
  • PowerPoint Maps (e.g. global views, countries, regions, states/districts, etc.)


Flevy– a marketplace with a bevy (see what I did there) of business documents to choose from and sell. I know I’ve created some awesome business docs in my day (though not exactly sure who would buy them). I also know that I could have saved some time creating them if I discovered a site like Flevy. Either way, if you’re looking for business documents or you want to sell your own, start exploring Flevy’s marketplace and make your job a little easier.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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