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And Why Can’t A Startup Be All Fun And Games?

Who else is sick to death of hearing about productivity? Whereas the prizes for productivity are… oh, wait, there aren’t any except for maybe more and more work, the prizes for playing a classic game like Pac Man are: adrenaline, sharpened motor skills, gobbling flashing ghosts, and more LEVELS!!!!!!! Yeah, I’m not sure about you but I’m going to go with fun and games over productivity.



Flash Fun

Admittedly, I side with productivity most of the time, which is why I might be so enthusiastic to recommend an occasional detour from getting things done to FlashFreeOnline (FFO).





Care to guess how many games you can play for free at FFO? Prepare yourself for excitement levels not reached since Mom told you that you could pick out anything you wanted in the toy store. FlashFreeOnline offers thousands and THOUSANDS of games that can all be played for free.


Racing games, kids games, puzzles, strategy games, action, arcade, fighting games, sports. You’ve got cartoons, zombies, classics, cards and casino games, and much more. If there isn’t something to make you a little giddy, try searching for something in particular – you probably need to spend a few minutes (or hours) on FFO more than you realize.






If you need a bridge between making the best use of your time and wild abandon, have a look at math games, cooking games, or other games that promise to boost your brain power as well as your heart rate.


Flash Cash

And of course, FlashFreeOnline is a great place to do business as well. If you’re a developer, the site is an excellent place to put your flash games out in front of a huge, engaged audience, and to earn a following. FFO tracks the latest releases and most played games, so there is opportunity to generate buzz. Developers might also want to contact the good people at FFO to find out how to score a feature in the Coming Soon section and create advance stir for their newest games.


Remember I said thousands and thousands of games? This means that businesses and marketers have the chance to put their brands in front of an incredible number of concentrating eyes. FlashFreeOnline is a great website for running campaigns because of its diversity of games, which can reach a large and varied consumer base.


Let’s not get too useful. A free service that doesn’t require any registration, downloads, plugins, or add-ons – ready to be played on any device either alone or interacting with online legions – this is enough to be grateful for. Thank you, FlashFreeOnline.


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Author : Keith Liles

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