search cancel – Personal Ads for Lazy People is a comparison engine that provides “apples-to-apples” information on just about any product. Personally, I’m psyched that there’s another site that will aid my infinite quest for things that make my life easier.


When I’m looking for the best deal on a flight, I usually turn to websites like Kayak and Expedia, because I’m lazy and they do all of the work for me. The only thing I have to do is sit back, let them do their thing, and enter my credit card information.


FindTheBest knows that I’m not the only one with a laziness problem and it’s success lies in the fact that most people are lazy like me. Who really wants to take the time to search through potentially hundreds of websites to get all of the information you need to make an informed decision?


On top of that, I’m part of the generation that gets distracted pretty much every second— especially when I’m online—so really most of that “research time” ends up equFaling “Facebook time.”


FindTheBest was started by Kevin O’Connor, a veteran of the internet business world. O’Connor’s previous ventures have been huge successes—DoubleClick sold to Google for $3.1 billion, ISS sold to IBM for $1.3 billion, and ICC sold to DCA for $25 million—and I don’t think we should expect anything less from his latest project.


Here’s exactly how FindTheBest can make your life easier. Say you’re looking to buy a motorcycle. You can go on craigslist, check your local newspaper, do a couple Google searches, but ultimately what do you really know about the bikes being advertised? Every source is going to give you different information about what they have and you can pretty much bet that they’re slipping in some major and minor lies.


FindTheBest pulls data from other sites, employs expert researchers, utilizes government databases and employs sourcing from users to configure their ads. They also use a super-clear system that places the data for all of their ads in the same format, so you’re comparing exactly the same information in each ad.


Their homepage includes eight categories: business and finance, education, electronics, health, home and family, motors, software, sports and recreation, travel and lifestyle and “newest.” Under each of these categories is pretty much any subtopic you could think of, which means you can compare the prices and qualities of everything from a university education to kitchen utensils.

I’m totally the person that rationalizes not doing the appropriate research by calculating how much my time is worth, usually by some arbitrary assignment of my “per hour fee” that magically fits the price of whatever I’m buying. However, I’m also notoriously cheap and really do want to get the best deal on the best product and, so far, FindTheBest seems like it lives up to it’s name: they really will help you find the best product out there.


It’s one stop shopping at it’s finest and you don’t have to leave home. What more could a lazy person ask for?


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