Starting To Notice More Hair In The Drain And Less On Top? Fibond Hair Loss Solution To The Rescue!



Startups come in many shapes and sizes, which is one of the greatest things about them. You’ve got your apps, your websites, your hardware, your software, and, as we’re about to see with this company, even physical things to improve your daily “real life.”


Fibond  is a company that has worked to create a hair loss solution that doesn’t wash out and looks like real hair. I know there are about 8 trillion of these companies out there and you’ve seen all of their ads on late night television, but we’re including this one because, seriously, watch the video:





Okay, so now that you’ve seen what this thing can do (and that video is pretty low-tech, so I’m gonna put myself out there and say that it wasn’t edited to make the product look better than it is), here are some specs on what you’re getting for your super low-price of $29.95.


Not for total cue balls!

First thing we have to point out is this is not going to work if you’re totally and completely bald; Daddy Warbucks need not apply. Fibond uses static electricity to cleave a plant based natural material to your existing hair. If you’ve got some thinning on top, this product is designed to make you look you did before you started finding half of your hair in the shower drain every morning but it can’t bond if there’s nothing there to bond to so take a good, long, honest look in the mirror before you decide to make the purchase.





Fast and easy

Unlike other hair loss treatments that can take hours of application or painful surgery, Fibond can be applied in less than a minute and all you have to do is sprinkle it over your bald spot. You don’t even have to recruit your roommate or girlfriend to help, saving you the embarrassment of admitting that you’ve purchased a hair replacement product.


Wear it in a thunderstorm

Fibond isn’t a paint, so you don’t have to be worried about getting caught in a sudden rainstorm with black rivers running down your face as your male pattern baldness (or female pattern baldness; Fibond is for women too) is exposed to the world. The makers of Fibond have tested their product in wind, rain, and sweat and they swear up and down that it will withstand even the most torrential downpour.


That doesn’t mean it won’t ever come out, however. Just jump in the shower and work in a little shampoo and, voila! You’re bald again.





Style it up!

Once the Fibond is in and your head is totally dry, you can use any hair product to style your new lush mane. Slick it back, gel it up, tease it out. Take advantage of your full head of hair while you can!


I know that Fibond doesn’t fit the model of what we usually write about here at KillerStartups but sometimes it’s good to step outside the tech world and see what products other people are working on. One of the things we’re always reminding you guys about is the fact that stepping outside your immediate world is a good thing for stimulating new ideas and innovations. We figured this couldn’t get too much further out.


So, you’re welcome.


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