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Fetchnotes New iPhone App For Your Collaborative Note-Sharing Pleasure



I had a great interview with the guys over at Fetchnotes back in July, and I recently caught up with co-founder Alex Schiff to talk about the startup’s new iPhone app. Man, I love this little web of awesome ‘trep contacts I’ve created! Right, where was I? Oh yes, I should tell you about said iPhone app. That might help.


Fetchnotes 101

First, if you don’t know what Fetchnotes is I’ll give you a quick rundown. It’s the note-taking app that helps you, “forget less, do more, and regain control.” It helps you manage your notes, no matter where you are, and it’s free.





And, the guys have made it even better with their new iPhone app version 1.4.


Biggest changes

Alex shared with me what the two main changes to the new app that make Fetchnotes even more awesome:


  1. This is all built in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS using an awesome new platform called We’ve dabbled in HTML5 mobile apps (i.e. wrapped to be a real mobile app and not a mobile website) before but Trigger was the first one that delivered adequate performance.
  2. Redesign – a Facebook/Sparrow style drawer to view your tags which has gotten a lot of positive feedback, showing more of the notes in the main view so you can scroll through things more easily, and general design polish.




There you have it, folks. Short and sweet update on a really great note-taking app. Now, go check out the new version and help fund the two co-founder’s milk money (yes, they are painfully young… but cool so you can’t hate them).


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Author : Holly Hutton

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